Use Your Lip Color to Make Your Eyes Pop!

Never thought of this before, but if we use our eyeliner / eyeshadow colors to make our eyes pop, why not complement our eyes with our lips to make them pop, too? The exact shade of the color you need will obviously differ based on your skin color, but it can totally work.

Here's a few ideas:

For green/hazel eyes:

Purple, plum, berry, try it!! Magenta and orchid colors will work, too. Seriously. Berry plum tones work in eyeshadow or eyeliner colors to make green eyes pop, so why not do a natural eye sometimes and move the purple / berry colors to the lips?! Try the green and golden/hazel suggestions, too!

For straight up green eyes:

Ready for it? Pink! Pink, pink, pink! Pink, in any shade from magenta to rouge will make your eyes go BOOM~ You can also try a purple as I suggested above for the green/hazel eyes -- they'll make green pop, too!

For blue eyes:

Ever try corals or orange lips? If you can find a shade that works with your skin tone, then these will make your baby blues shine~ Why does this work? Because orange/corals are opposite on the color wheel. Copper or peach might work, too. Light dusty pinks are beautiful, too. Depending on how light/dark your eyes are, try different ones.

For golden/hazel eyes:

Since hazel eyes have a little bit of golden shimmer to them, go for something with shimmer or sparkle! Use a frosty hue, even. You're get a shimmery, golden look! Coral peaches, medium brown beiges...they'll look beautiful!

Try one of the following hues: Mauve, Berry, Gold, Poppy, Pink

For brown eyes:

Nude tones with red/purple undertones work for a natural complement to your brown eyes, but maybe you want something more exciting. Beautiful, deep brown eyes are particularly impacted by bright-colored lipsticks. Dramatic plums, reds, and hot pinks will all look sooooo great on you! And if those are too bold, try cool toned red or pink to do a more everyday look. There's so many shades of brown, so try them out!

And for all eyes....

RED LIPS!!!!!!!!! Seriously. There's a red for everyone.

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