Nerd~ Chapter 2

Genre: Angst, College AU Pairing: Taehyung x Reader Length: 4429 words Summary: He was bad news. So why couldn’t I keep away? Part: 2/? I rushed back to the library and told Jimin what had happened. His initial reaction was shock, which slowly turned into suspicion. “But why did he invite two hardly ever talk.” I shrugged. “Oh yeah, and he gave me his number. Wrote it on my arm.” I reckoned it was fake, because that’s just the kind of person Taehyung was. “OK, now that is weird.” I nodded, but just in case, I saved his number on my phone as I was talking. “Anyways...”, I continued, “I told him I’d only come if I could bring you. So whether you like it or not, you’re going.” He laughed, loud enough for the librarian to shush him. “This is your first time at a party, course I’m coming”, he whispered. I smiled in relief. “Thank you Jimin. Now let’s go over this shit one more time, so I know you get it for sure.” I laughed as he groaned again. Then I laughed even harder when the librarian shushed him once more. Wednesday came around too quick. It was 8 o clock in the evening before I realised I had no idea what to wear. I was messing up my usually organised wardrobe while Jimin lounged on my bed, watching me with an amused expression on his face. I turned to him, blew the hair out of my face, adjusted my glasses and huffed. “What is it?” He asked, although he knew the answer. “This isn’t funny Park Jimin...You’ve been to enough of these parties. What the hell do the girls wear?!” He laughed, getting up. I sighed in frustration. The idiot had kept his shoes on- I’d have to change the sheets later now. “Let’s see what you got...”, he mumbled to himself. He thumbed through all the hangers until...”Ah ha! Result!” He sounded triumphant, but my face fell when I saw what he had picked. A knee length black dress. I wasn’t too sure how that had got into my luggage anyway, but I was mortified when I unpacked to find it- so I shoved it into the furthest, darkest corner of my wardrobe. “No. Nu-uh. Forget it.” “But this is what the girls wear!” He pouted because I was rejecting his idea. “Jimin...I don’t do dresses. Do you have any idea how ridiculous it’ll look?” “What are you talking about? It’ll look amazing!” He was kidding no one. I crossed my arms and pouted like a damn two year old. “Fine. I’ll show you how much of a bad idea this is.” I’d put it on, he would laugh at me, and I’d change to skinny jeans and a hoodie- I just knew it. “But...I’m wearing my tights and a cardigan too.” His mouth dropped open. “It is so damn humid outside, and you wanna wear tights and a cardigan on top?” “You’re wearing a jacket”, I shot back. I didn’t know what on earth he was implying here. “OK, OK”, he held up his hand in surrender. “Wear the cardigan. But I draw the line at tights y/n. You wear skirts to school all the time without tights! Not to mention, you already look like... 12, it’s hardly gonna help your image.” My eyes narrowed. “12?” He laughed, ruffling my hair. “You look young for your age, fool.” I sighed, snatching the stupid dress off him, and fishing around for a matching cardigan- black obviously. Before I disappeared to shower, he called after me. “Oh, and keep your hair down!” I just cursed at him internally. I knew he was trying to help, but why the hell did guys have it so damn easy? Jeans and shirt- they’re done. And now Jimin had said a firm ‘no’ to tights, I’d have to shave. I frowned. This party better be worth the effort. We wanted to get there for half nine, so I had to be quick. Fully shaved, showered, clothes and (light) makeup done- in about half an hour. My hair would do as it was, because frankly, I couldn’t be bothered. I stepped out, and Jimin looked up from his phone. His jaw dropped theatrically, and I threw the bundle of clothes I was holding at him. He batted them away, and said, “Told you you’d look good!” I scowled. I felt gross in the dress, seriously. Girls liked to wear this? Or did they do it because the boys liked it- just like I had done it because Jimin had advised me to? “As for the glasses...” “They are staying on. I don’t wanna leave the house blind.” He laughed. “What happened to your contacts?” I grimaced at the very mention of ‘contacts’. I hated the idea of poking at my eyeballs, so although I had bought them, I never used them. They were like an emergency back-up for if anything happened to my glasses. I grabbed my phone and keys and some lip balm (my lips were forever dry), and raised an eyebrow at Jimin. “Shall we go? It’s like 20 past. Does he live far?” Jimin shook his head. “Nope. Literally like five minutes walk.” I nodded. “C’mon then...we’ll walk slow.” And we did. We sauntered, taking our time, laughing, pissing around. “So what do you do at these parties anyway?” I asked, after I had stopped laughing at Jimin’s imitation of Sooyoung (he had got it spot on). “Mostly just talk. And if people stay really late, it’s to get pissed. Or get laid. Or both.” I looked at him in horror. “What?!” My voice went several octaves higher than was deemed natural. He doubled over laughing. “What, did you think we were all gonna sit in one big circle and play duck duck goose?” I glared at him. “No, but I didn’t think that was going on! And what if the person who’s house it is doesn’t like the idea of two know.” I couldn’t even say it. He shrugged. “They can kick em out. It’s their house.” Jimin always teased me about this- not about the fact that I was know, a virgin, but about the fact that these topics always got me so flustered whenever they were bought up. Jimin had actually slept with a girl before- his ex-girlfriend. He was convinced she was ‘the one’, and although I never voiced my concerns, I was never too sure. And sure enough, like a month later, they had a massive row over god knows what and he broke it off. Now there was the definition of a messy break-up. “There is is, up ahead”, Jimin announced, pointing to a house. I knew instantly which house he meant, because it was the only one that was fully lit up in the whole street. How did Taehyung’s parents condone this? Maybe they didn’t even know. I swallowed, adjusting my glasses and glanced over to Jimin. “Jimin, please don’t leave me by myself. Don’t just go off with your other friends without telling me.” Even I could hear the pleading tone in my voice. He smiled at me assuringly. “I’ll stay with you y/n. I’m only going because you kinda invited me anyway. And we’ll leave whenever you want to.” I grinned at him, suddenly not feeling so anxious. “You’re the best Jimin”, I said whilst hugging around his waist. He hugged me back with one arm replying, “I know.” I laughed silently, as I stopped outside the door, Jimin stopping with me. “Well? What’s wrong?” He asked, probably wondering why I had just stopped dead and not moved for like ten seconds. “It’s so noisy in is anyone going to hear us knock?” He burst out laughing once more. “The door’s open y/n.” I frowned at him, but tried the door nonetheless. Sure enough, it opened, making my frown deepen. What if a mad man with a gun burst in? What if a burglar decided to gatecrash? There were clearly safety issues with this. But I shook the thought out of my head as Jimin gently pushed me inside, closing the door behind us. I looked around, recognising most of the faces. There was a constant buzz of laughter and conversation, as we made our way through the crowd. It was surprisingly packed- how did Taehyung feel comfortable having this many people in his house? “What do you wanna do?” Jimin practically yelled in my ear. I winced slightly before shrugging. “Wait...there any food here? I’m starving”, I replied. He smiled, grabbing my hand. He knew where the kitchen was, unsurprisingly. On the way there, I saw Taehyung. His back was turned to me, but I could see that he had his arm around a girls waist. I mean, I was pretty dopey, but I didn’t need to be Sherlock flipping Holmes to see that girl wasn’t Sooyoung. Maybe he had a different girl for every day of the week or something. I didn’t know if I had to go up to him, to let him know I was here...seeing as he had invited me. But the more I thought about it, the more that seemed like a stupid idea. Just marching up to his big group of friends and saying “Hey, I’m here!” Wow...I really was an idiot. So we got to the kitchen and there was Sooyoung, looking extremely unamused. She had a red cup in her hand- as I noticed most people here did- and she was sat at the counter drinking. Maybe, I was right about her and Taehyung dating, and they had broken up? But boo hoo, she could have any other guy she wanted- it had probably just hurt her massive ego. Jimin spotted a plate of biscuits and pointed, and I nodded happily and started making my way over to them, him following close behind. Again, I was worried for him, in case someone chastised him for being with the ‘nerd’, but he really didn’t seem bothered. My first biscuit was halfway to my mouth when I saw Sooyoung stood right in front of me and Jimin. The door of the kitchen had been shut by someone, and there were only like five other people in here, so Sooyoung spoke at her normal volume (which was still annoyingly loud, may I add). “Nerd? What are you doing here at a party like this?”, she scoffed. I didn’t like her tone. It’s likes she was looking down at me just for showing up to the party- like the stupid party was above me, or something. I just shrugged at her, making her eyes narrow. She didn’t like that, clearly. “I asked you a question.” Well...I know that you fucktard, but clearly I don’t want to answer it. Jesus Christ. I stayed quiet, so Jimin spoke up. “What is it to you? Why don’t you go back to your fuck buddy? Or has he found someone else?” I gaped at him as Sooyoung squealed in outrage and stormed off, leaving the kitchen entirely. “What?” He asked, noticing my facial expression. My mouth was still open, so he shoved a biscuit in it- whole. I almost choked. Idiot. Once I had eaten it, I exclaimed, “So they are fuck buddies! You were right!” “I’m always right”, he grinned cockily and I hit his arm in response, munching on another biscuit. To be honest, I would have gone to a lot more parties if I had known about the free food. We heard a boy’s voice bellow from the other room “WHO WANT’S MORE DRINKSSSS?!” And then a commotion ensued. I didn’t drink, and Jimin knew that, so we didn’t move. We stayed there, chatting until everyone in the kitchen slowly left. And no more people came in. I was happy with that. It meant I could talk to Jimin and eat as much as I wanted without getting judged. But of course the door suddenly swung open as soon as I thought that. And in stumbled Taehyung, locking lips with another girl. It was the same girl he was holding by the waist from earlier. Taehyung paused to look at me up and down, his chest heaving. Probably because it had looked like that girl was sucking in all his oxygen, like some damn vacuum cleaner. His eyes were dark orbs as I stared back into them, wondering if he was annoyed that we were in his kitchen. I bit my lip nervously, feeling the need for my chapstick, pronto. “We’ll leave”, Jimin announced, breaking the silence, and grabbing my hand. I felt sad walking away from the food as Jimin dragged me out. I felt the sleeve of my cardigan brush past Taehyung’s arm , but I didn’t look at him again to avoid making it even more awkward. I couldn’t explain it, but I had felt kind of irked seeing him with another girl like that...maybe it was because it reminded me of what he really was. A fuckboy. Like, I could guarantee that girl would be a one night stand. And then he’d move onto the next. Then the next. Didn’t he get tired? “Wow...what a douche”, Jimin mumbled. I looked at him questioningly to explain. I mean, I agreed with him, but wondered what the reason was for calling him that this time. “That girl is one of Sooyoung’s friends. I’m guessing him and Sooyoung had an argument, and he’s going to do the dirty with her to make Sooyoung jealous.” I gasped. No way. How could her own friend do that to her as well? Like, I knew Taehyung’s standards were low, but her own friend? Damn. Me and Jimin were perched on the armrest of the sofa when I saw the kitchen door burst open. The girl who had been with Taehyung was now marching out, looking extremely angry and upset. There was a prominent dark purple mark on her neck...Was Taehyung a vampire!? What the hell even was that? It looked lethal. Maybe that’s why she was crying. About thirty seconds later, the boy himself walked out. I instantly looked down, not wanting to make eye contact. I had just seen him making out with someone after all- maybe he would be embarrassed or something. I was really curious as to why that girl had stormed off like that. Jimin’s attention was diverted, because the boy that was with Taehyung’s little clique the other day- Hoseok- had come up to say hi. But as promised, Jimin didn’t leave my side and stayed next to me, for which I was so grateful. I was getting bored while they talked, leaning my head on Jimin’s shoulder, slightly pouting to myself. Why did people do this for fun? I really didn’t see the appeal. But then again, most people had a small group of friends to have fun with and chat with. Me, being the ‘nerd’, only really had Jimin. I thought about how this party would be any different if it had been me arriving with a group of girls I had been close to...and there would have been no damn difference at all. I might have talked a little more, but that was it. The boys were talking about god knows what, so I lifted my head off Jimin’s shoulder and checked the time. It had hardly been half an hour since we had got here, and I was just done. I could feel a pair of eyes on me, and I didn’t want to look up to meet them. I looked at my phone again- any excuse to not look up- and saw I had a missed call from my mum. I rolled my eyes. What impeccable timing. I leaned over and whispered in Jimin’s ear, that I had to take it. He nodded understandingly. We both knew that if I didn’t call back, she’d practically have a heart attack, thinking I’d been kidnapped. I made a beeline for the now-empty kitchen, and away from his prying eyes, before calling her back. I shrugged the thin black cardigan off my shoulders once in the confinement of the kitchen. It was unbelievably hot and stuffy in that room. While waiting for my mum to pick up, I shoved another biscuit in my mouth. I was still hungry. Maybe I would order pizza for me and Jimin when we got back. She answered on the fourth ring. “Darling, how are you? Long time, no speak!” I rolled my eyes. “Mum, we spoke yesterday. And I texted you this morning.” “It feels like forever!...What’s that thumping noise in the background?” She was referring to the music next door. “Oh...that! The kids below us decided to have a party!” I lied. “On a Wednesday? How irresponsible!” Mum tutted. God, I was starting to feel like I was the mini-version of her. I shuddered at the thought. I was feeling really thirsty, after watching everyone sipping away from those red cups. And those dry ass biscuits, as nice as they were, didn’t help either. As my mother rambled, I walked over to the sink, grabbed a glass and filled it with water. The cool relief travelled down my throat as I sighed in content. When mum finished, I said. “Mum, it’s like ten o clock and I have class tomorrow, so I’ll speak soon, ok?” “But you haven’t answered my ques-” I cut the call off. I wouldn’t have know what question she was on about as I hadn’t been listening anyway. I filled the glass again, deciding to stay there for a few more minutes. I was in no rush to go back to that humid room. Plus, Jimin was probably still talking to Hoseok. I put my phone in my back, and sat on the counter table, looking around the kitchen in awe. It was really nice- one look and I could tell that Taehyung’s parents weren’t short of cash. I was staring at the ceiling, when the door opened. Kim Taehyung- again. Except this time, there was no girl with him. He shut the door with a soft click behind him. I must have looked like a right idiot- sat on the table, glass in hand, mouth hung open like I’d just been caught doing something I shouldn’t have been. He smirked slightly at my expression. “I gave out plastic cups for a reason, nerd”, he was the first to speak, looking at the glass in my hand. I slid off the table immediately, stuttering “I-i’m sorry....I’ll wash it up?” It sounded like a question because it was one- I wasn’t entirely sure what I was supposed to do. “I just wanted some water...” I trailed off, as he gave a small laugh, showing his perfect teeth. So...not a vampire then. “Relax, I was joking. Actually surprised you turned up.” I didn’t know what to say to that. Why was he surprised when he had invited me. I adjusted my glasses. “Well I’m glad I came, because now I now to never go to a house party again.” He looked amused as he leaned on the wall, arms crossed. “And why’s that?” I paused before answering. “They’re so boring.” He uncrossed his arms, and looked at me as if I was a specimen under a microscope. “They wouldn’t be if you talked to more people.” “Jimin’s enough”, I replied haughtily. I didn’t like his presumption of me being some antisocial nobody. “But he has other friends too.” “That why you’re sulking in here?” My eyes narrowed. “I’m not sulking you brat. I came in here to take a call!” His face hardened and I instantly knew I’d made a mistake. “What did you just call me?” I looked at him ,slightly confused. I’m sure he had been called worse- gigolo, fuckboy, all sorts- and he was really going to get butthurt over the word ‘brat’?” He made his way over to me slowly, and took the glass out of my hand, placing it on his granite counter. I backed up, not at all liking the proximity between us. He followed suit until I hit the surface right next to the sink. He placed his arms either side of me. “I’m a brat, am I?” He moved my hair and whispered into my ear. “What are you doing?” I demanded, completely ignoring his question. There was a tight feeling in my stomach, and for a second I thought maybe my damn period had started early but no- the feeling remained until I pushed him back. I’d forgotten that my shoulders were uncovered, so I hastily pulled the cardigan back up and hugged it around me. “Relax nerd, you really can’t take a joke can you?” I frowned. In what way was that a joke? Because I sure as hell wasn’t laughing. “You said you were bored...why don’t I entertain you?” I scanned his big dark eyes, and to my disbelief he was actually being sincere. How dare he think I was like all the other girls he hung out with? His fuck buddies? How very dare he? “Excuse me? What are you implying?”, I asked sternly, wrapping the cardigan around me tighter. I was already so insecure about my appearance, and the way he was staring at me wasn’t helping. “You’re the genius. Work it out.” I was starting to think there was really a hidden motive behind his invite. All those girls out there on the other side of that door...I wouldn’t be surprised if he had slept with all of them. And he wanted to add my name onto his damn list. “You are unbelievable”, I retorted in disbelief. “Go back to that girl. Or even Sooyoung. Just leave me the hell alone.” He raised an eyebrow. I knew what he was thinking- for one of the quietest girls in the class, I sure had quite a mouth on me. “Forgive me if I’m wrong y/n, but you sound jealous”, he teased. I narrowed my eyes at him. Jealous? JEALOUS? Was he a fucking idiot? I was jealous because I had told him ‘no’? Jesus Christ. “Jealous of what? The number of STD’s you’re probably carrying?” I really needed to think before I spoke, because that wiped the amused smirk right off his face. I swallowed as he tilted his head, still staring. He needs to stop looking at me like that. “Jimin’s probably wondering where I am. I should go”, I muttered. I wanted this awkward encounter to end already. My heart was still racing from when Taehyung came right up close, and I hated it. I hated how my body reacted to the smallest of things. Like, he clearly wasn’t interested in me, but I would still get all warm and start to stutter. Pathetic. I started to walk to the door, but Taehyung moved to stand in my way, and because my head was down, looking at my own feet, I bumped into him head first. Real smooth, I know. I looked up at him, about to ask him if he needed glasses too, but he beat me to it. “Are you two going out?” Well that was very forward. Not to mention it wasn’t any of his business. And what kind of question was that anyway? “No, he’s my best friend. Who is waiting for if you don’t mind...?” But he didn’t move. I sighed, again getting frustrated by how close he was. “Do you have a boyfriend?” He asked in an even lower voice. What.The.Fuck. I snorted in response. “Yes Taehyung. Not just one, I have three. No, no wait- I have a whole queue of guys after me. We have study session dates and-” “I’m being serious y/n.” I ignored his unamused tone, and still smiling to myself, I shook my head. “No, I don’t. Of course I don’t.” I looked up to meet his gaze. “Who in their right mind would want to date the Nerd, right?” He looked away, and what was that I noticed in his face? Guilt? Remorse? Nah, he was probably getting bored of the conversation. I bit my lip as I waited for him to speak, or at least move out the way so I could leave. He bought his had up and slowly dragged his thumb across my bottom lip, so that I would stop biting it. What the hell was he doing? Who touches people’s lips like that? Not gonna lie, I did kinda like it, but this wasn’t normal behaviour. I think I stopped breathing a some point, so I took in a deep breath, inhaling his scent simultaneously. And he smelt good. I knew that research done in Osmology (science of smell research) has found that men and women release these chemicals that make the opposite sex aroused....Or it could have just been his deodorant, I don’t know. “Err Taehyung? You are familiar with this part of our anatomy right? They’re called li-” I wasn’t expecting what came next. Taehyung suddenly swooped down to my level, cutting my words off by placing his lips on mine. I froze. Because what the hell do you do in that situation. I just kept my lips tightly shut and waited for him to stop. He pulled away, his eyes dark like when he was with that girl before, and he watched as I wiped at my lips with the back of my hand.“What’s wrong?” “Are you drunk?” I asked, then I put my hand to his forehead. “Are you sick?” He swatted my hand away. “I’m neither of those things. I just...Didn’t you like that?” I almost laughed in his face at how offended he looked. I shrugged. Maybe I did, but his ego really didn’t need fuelling. “I don’t know...I don’t have anything to compare it to”, I admitted. I wasn’t ashamed to admit I had never been kissed before. But I would be ashamed to admit my first kiss was the player to top all players- Kim Taehyung. There I was. He got what he wanted- another name on his ever-growing list of girls. His eyes widened slightly. “Kim Taehyung are you sure you’re not drunk? Or high?” I asked. “You’ve never kissed anyone before? Damn...” He ran a hand through his hair. “Well I have now- you just kissed me. Now if you don’t mind, this is an experience I’m sure both of us would rather forget.” That was when he moved out of the way. As I walked out of the kitchen, his eyes on mine, I knew damn well that I wasn’t going to be forgetting this experience anytime soon.


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