Mass Effect: Andromeda Gets Delayed to 2017

In a recent blog post, Bioware announced that the next game in the Mass Effect series, Andromeda, will be shipping early 2017 instead of sometime this year. Honestly, I wish I could be like, "oh man this sucks now I have to wait even longer for this game I want to come out". But I have no idea what this game is like. There's little to no news about the game that isn't years old.

And even though the Mass Effect trilogy was easily my favorite series of last generation, I think I've lost interest in this Andromeda. At least for now, anyway. Unless I see something that really takes my breath away, I probably won't pick up this game. Which is why I'm sort of hoping for any kind of footage from the game in June.

Bioware also announced along with their delay, that they're going to be at EA PLAY, the EA press conference that's happening next month. Hopefully they show something more than just concept art and teaser trailers because I don't know if I can keep the hope alive when it comes to this game.

I've got huge expectations for Andromeda or what it should be like and I think that alone will end up ruining the game for me no matter what they announce. But we'll see what happens on June 12th.

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