Ilhoon is a vocalist and rapper in BTOB Real name: Jung Il Hoon Birthday: October 4, 1994 Height: 176 cm (5'9)

Instagram:@ilhoonmj Twitter:@BTOB_ILL •Has an older sister (Joo/ Jung Min Joo 정민주) •Specialties consist of composing music and writing lyrics •In charge of charm including strong charisma and cute appearance in BTOB •Close to all 7 members of A-Pink •likes hip-hop music or any music that has an easy melody to listen to •Favorite number is 1004 •Favorite color is black •Favorite movie is "The Pianist" •Role model is Dynamic Duo •Ideal type: has long eyelashes, big eyes, s line figure, slender body, it doesnt matter if she is tall or short, has white skin, has brown coloured pupils, it would be good if she has short bob hair, a woman who is pretty, has a husky voice and has an easy going personality

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I'm just walking garbage at this point
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