What are you putting in your body?

***Truth Alert*** Ugh! Why can't I lose weight? I drink DIET sodas, eat low calorie or sugar free food, sometimes I even skip a meal. Why am I NOT losing weight or feeling better? Have you ever looked at what's IN those things? Sucralose and aspartame. (not to mention all of the preservatives!!) Do you know what those 2 ingredients alone can do to your body? Google it. Your body has toxins and bacteria (from bad food choices, medications, antibiotics, over the counter meds, and just breathing polluted air). These bacteria and toxins feed off junk, sugars, and carbs and make you feel tired and sluggish. So even if you do lose weight with some extreme measures, more than likely you'll gain it back because you're still craving the junk like before. Why not clean it out, and get rid of the cravings for junk and the sluggish feeling for good?

I'm a huge Naruto fan and will always want it to continue even from generation to generation! I also like Sailor Moon and DBZ! I am a down to earth, understanding, imaginative, positive, and loving girl gamer. I believe that everyone is able to find peace and happiness with effective communication and understanding one another. I'm a calm, easy going girl who likes adventure. I try to appreciate and accept everyone, even those who may be cruel because I believe that there is a light of hope in everyone. I'm silly and like to sing and dance.
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