BamBam's Oneshot(Days Late)

This is my last oneshot of the might and I apologize for it being so late. One of these days I swear I will get my procrastination under control. Anyway I hope you guys enjoy it!

"It has to be absolutely perfect" you say as you run around hanging up up the last of the party decorations up. Jaebum comes up behind you and pats you on the back. "BamBam is sure to love it" he says giving you one of his famous eye smiles. Right as you are about to reply you hear the sound of a car door closing. "He is here guys eveyone hide" you say already rushing to your hiding place behind the couch close to the front door. The door opens a second later and when he turns on the light , you and the rush of the guys jump our screaming surprise. You watch as he stumbles back a little looking around at the decorations when his eyes land on you they soften and he quickly walks over you wrapping you in a tight hug. You smile hugging him back just as tight "Happy Birthday baby" you say. He pulls back and looks down at you "Thanks so much" he leans in and kisses you on the lips. Just as you are about to respond to the kiss you hear the a chrous of eww so you pull away. "BamBam where is my kiss? I helped too" Jackson says pouting. You laugh as you hear BamBam tell Mark to kiss Jackson so he will shut up. The party is absolutely perfect.

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