Kpop Concepts Based on Books

Where are all of my book worms on Vingle!?

I know we all love in-depth concepts, but these are some of my favorites because they're attached to a book that I can re-read re-discover and re-analyze.

VIXX - Hyde

Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

From the choreo to the MV...this is all about being two people at once. Not being a bad person, just being out of control sometimes.

Boyfriend - Bounce

Alice in Wonderland

This MV is totally dark Alice in Wonderland goodness!

Oh My Girl - Closer

Little Red Riding Hood

This is a very sinister Little Red Riding Hood. We never see the wolf, but we do see what he does :(

IU - 23

Alice in Wonderland

IU also used Alice in Wonderland but this is a bit more playful than Boyfriend!

BTS - Most Beautiful Moment in Life Trilogy

One theory says Peter Pan and its a really interesting readHERE

Can you think of others?!

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