Uncharted 4 Trophy References E3 Press Conference Fail

During 2015's E3, there was a little hiccup. A boo-boo. A lil pooper, if you will, that happened on screen while they were trying to show of Uncharted 4. And without trying to dig up all the specifics and bore you with some kind of whatever you call it, essentially the controller didn't work and the people watching the conference watched someone not play the demo of the game.

Yep, apparently, they couldn't get control over Nate and he just stood there for around 30 seconds doing nothing until they sorted out the issue. Now, in one of the funniest and coolest ways, Naughty Dog referenced that little bungle by making it a trophy.

So basically, if you stand still for around 30 seconds at the same exact spot where the E3 Stage Demo fail happened, you'll get an achievement called Stage Fright. And honestly, the fact that Naughty Dog is willing to make fun of something that happened to them in the past is absolutely awesome. I heard there were a bunch of other cool/funny trophies in the game but I'm going to wait til I get a chance to pick up the game so I don't spoil any more surprises for myself.

You can check out a video guid below of how to get the trophy:

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