Forbidden Part 19

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It’s approaching the weekend. That means more people on the streets, and areas are more crowded than normal. You and Lee have tried to plan your activities so that you’ll hit the most popular tourist attractions during the week. This leaves your weekend free and the two of you search the internet for something you can do that will be close, not expensive, and not over crowded. You give up searching around lunch time and head out to grab a bite to eat. Perhaps walking around will help you think of something, or you’ll be in luck and you'll over hear someone's conversation on the street.

In the middle of lunch you receive a text from an unknown number. Leary that maybe Chad is trying to get to you by using someone else’s phone, you hesitate before opening it. Weird, and not Chad at all. Lee see’s the perplexed look on your face and leans over to read.

“Who is it?”

“[HN]’s girlfriend.”

Lee looks up at you nervously, “Is she on the warpath? Do we need to hide?”

You shake your head in confusion,

“No. It just says, ‘This is Eun we met at the charity event last week, [HN]’s girlfriend. I would like to invite you and your friend, Lee? Over to my home tonight for dinner. Can you make it?”

You look up at Lee, “What do we do?”

“Well if we say no, isn’t she going to think something’s going on between you and [HN]? I would.”

You realize she’s right and after all, this is the woman the man you love loves. Time to get to know her right? You send a back a quick text telling her thank you, the two of you would love to join her. She sends back the time and her address. You place your phone back on the table and look at Lee, here goes nothing.

The two of you decide to make a little bit of an effort with your appearance, it isn’t every day you get invited over to a celebrities house for dinner. She didn’t say best dress was required, but you were sure she wouldn’t appreciate you showing up in your touring shorts and t-shirts.

The taxi drops you off and you find your way up to her apartment on the fifth floor. As she opens the door for you, she has a warm, natural smile. Nothing fake or false about it. You really want to hate her but know deep inside that if possible, the two of you could be best friends.

“I hope the two of you don’t mind that I ordered delivery? I tried to pick somewhere that would deliver home cooked food, I’m sure you are sick of take-out.”

She shows you into the living room and offers you seats and drinks.

“I apologize, I was to call you yesterday and invite you. I hate it when people invite you last minute and expect you to be free.”

She waves her hand out to the side, “But [HN] flew out of the country last minute and my schedule has been so hectic, the day just got away from me. Please forgive me?”

[HN] is out of the country? Okay, now you know. You’re pretty sure that telephones work almost anywhere, well except at the top of that mountain yesterday, but it isn’t for you to judge.

You smile politely at her, “It's no problem really, it happens to all of us. We had actually been discussing what to do with our night when you texted. It all worked out well, thank you.”

Lee picks up the question you refused to ask.

“Is everything alright with [HN]? You said he had to leave last minute?”

“Oh I’m sure everything is fine,” again waving her hands. “He is often called away for business or his schedule. He sounded just fine last night on the phone, I’m sure he would have told me if there were a problem.”

Saved by the doorbell, she excuses herself to go and retrieve dinner. Lee looks over,

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked! Me and my big mouth! Geez, [YN]..”

You silence her with a hand up and a smile.

“It’s okay. Now I know. It helps. This will be good.”

You take a deep breath and release it, a genuine smile appearing.

“My head’s been stuck in LaLa Land for the last 3 weeks; it’s about time I came down from the clouds.”

You reach over and squeeze her leg, “Honestly, I’m good.”

When Eun re-enters the room you get up to assist her. The rest of the evening is spent chatting like girlfriends that haven’t seen each other in years. She’s not only warm and friendly, she’s genuine and funny. In all honesty you should have expected that. As you’ve gotten to know [HN] you realize he couldn’t be with anyone that didn’t share his point of view on life or his sense of humor. By the time all of you say goodnight, you have a new appreciation for Eun and a complete understanding of why [HN] would never betray her.

This was the perspective you needed. To see and get to know the woman whose man you wanted to take from her. You still love him, you aren’t sure you ever won’t, but you can keep it tucked away; where it belongs.

You and Lee get silly on the way home, asking the taxi driver to pull over half way back to the hotel so you can walk. It’s a beautiful night and neither one of you are tired. You meander along, arm in arm, strolling along and window shopping at the closed stores. You take hideous, silly selfies and for the first time in over a week, you begin to feel like yourself again.

You post a couple of the least worst ones on your Instagram with the following message: "'It’s funny, almost: how easily you can lose yourself, but how difficult it is to find yourself again.’ Got lost for a little bit here in Korea, sorry guys. But I’m back now."

You put your phone on the nightstand and wander out to the balcony. You aren’t worried you’ll miss a phone call; there haven’t been any to miss lately. Chad doesn’t count anymore and you haven't seen a sign of [HN] anywhere in a couple of days. You wander over to the railing and look out over the beautiful city. A storm is beginning to form on the horizon; you automatically wrap your arms around yourself for comfort. But it isn’t the same, you have to accept that. As you wander back inside, you pass the chair he occupied just a couple of nights before. You get ready for bed and climb in on the opposite side of where you fell asleep while he held you. Maybe you and Lee should change hotels… there seem to be too many memories here.

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