Thinking about doing a reaction channel


Alright, I already know that it's been way over done and such, but I would like to give a try by doing this. I already have ideas on stuff that I can do reactions to, like kpop mvs, dance practices, korean idol daily moments (ex. bts with their bangtan tv account on youtube), live preformances, idols on crack, vines, mashups, etc. I'm also going to include my nephews in doing reactions with me, because ever since I introduced them to kpop a few months ago, they've been huge fanboys as much as I am a fangirl XD So, if you guys have any ideas on videos that I should react to, or they could be videos that I have already seen but my nephews haven't seen yet. Just to be sure, I'm caught up with all of VIXX, BTS, and EXO videos. Most of Got7, although some of them my nephews haven't seen yet. I actually plan on showing my nephews some more kpop videos, like BTS "Fire", Twice "Cheer Up", a couple mashups that I actually liked, and a couple Got7 songs that they haven't heard yet, this weekend when they come over to have a sleep over at my house. So, if you have any ideas on stuff that you guys like that we should react to, then please put them in the comments and hopefully this comjng weekend, I'll have my first reaction video uploaded on youtube ^^

I enjoy listening to kpop music and watching kdramas. I'm also love pokemon and zelda, if you were to ask my closest friends they would tell you I'm obsessed 😂😂
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