Hard Work Pays Off

Meet Justin Williams. Also known as@jayhawk_fitness on Insta.

What I love about this flashback photo is that he doesn't misle anyone about his 9-year journey. He is upfront about how he took action when he was tired of being a skinny teenager. The first words in his caption, "It doesn't happen overnight..."

There is enough self-loathing that we traumatize ourselves with, without the lies and fraud in the fitness industry. So, when a solid athlete is up front about how his near-decade-long journey, I have to stop and remember that MY JOURNEY IS COMPLETELY MY OWN AND IT'S ONLY BEGUN 7 MONTHS AGO. Not even a year! So, I need to stop being so hard on myself and ENJOY the process.

For those wondering, Williams is a three-time overall winner of the NPC Men's Physique and an IFPA Professional bodybuilder.

This dude is my new hero and inspiration.


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