The Class of 2016: This Year's Funniest Graduation Caps

It's that time of year again - time for the senior classmen (and classwomen!) to say their goodbyes and celebrate their accomplishments as they finally receive their diplomas.

Let's admit it. Graduation ceremonies, while understandably important, can get a little dull. There's a whole lot of speeches, a whole lot of sitting, and that obligatory watching-every-single-student-walk part. However, grads have gotten creative over the years, keeping things interesting with all sorts of gags - the simplest being the funny designs they put on their graduation caps!


Graduation cap humor definitely reflects the times. Check out some of the funniest caps of the graduation season thus far, and then let me know:

Are these SO 2016 or what?!

"M-Morty, this is - belch - the first day of the r-rest of your life."

Shout-out to all those cat ladies gettin' degrees to support their fur babies.

Check out Sponge Bob Square Cap over here.

This will forever be my favorite quote from 'The Office'.

Because Lisa Simpson should be all of our education #goals.

He-Man, you the real (heavily bedazzled) MVP.

"I solemnly swear I am up to gettin' paid."

You can practically hear the mic drop after reading this one.


So which one of these were your favorite? What would your graduation cap look like?

Disney-Inspired Graduation Caps card

"Life is demanding without understanding."
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