Another Madden Game Announced, That One Guy from Your High School is Psyched

You know the exact guy I'm talking about. If you're in high school right now then he's probably on the football team and he chews gum all the time and for some reason (no matter the season of the year) he only wears basketball shorts and Adidas flip-flops with socks. Maybe he's a bully, maybe he isn't. That doesn't really matter but he's that guy.

And if you're not in high school. He's the guy that's like "babe, let's go to Olive Garden this weekend and make a night of it". AND MAKE A NIGHT OF IT. AT OLIVE GARDEN. WHY ARE YOU DATING THIS GUY, MAURA? HE ONLY PLAYS MADDEN AND TAKES YOU TO THE FUCKING OLIVE GARDEN ON DATE NIGHT WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK WHY AREN'T YOU DATING ME.

i did all that i could.
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