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WHAT MEN SHOULD DO TO KEEP THEIR PARTNERS HAPPY! 1 THE FEAR OF GOD : The first thing is having the fear of God in you because without the fear of God, you won't be able to treat her rightly or make her happy. 2 LET HER TAKE THE LEAD: Letting your partner take the lead in a relationship is not foolishness... If you must put a smile on her face, then let her teach you how... She may be seeing you as a Soldier, a Police man, a Managing director e.t.c. If she sees you this way, she will always pretend all is well. You need to let her know that you're a man and not a god by letting her take the lead. By so doing, she will introduce you to the key that activates her happiness. 3 PAINT HER WORLD : The reason why other women look attractive is because someone is taking good care of them. Grass is always green where it is watered. Instead of drooling over the green grass on the other side of the fence, work on yours and water it regularly. Any man can admire a beautiful woman, but it takes a true gentleman to make a woman, happy, admirable and beautiful. 4 UNDERSTAND HER NEEDS: This is very important in making her happy. Find out what your partner really appreciates. You may express your love through gifts when your partner receives love through touch... You may express love through touch when your partner receives love by the time you spend with her. How then will you know?... The best way is to try different methods and see which will generate the most positive response. ......... Apply the FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES below......... 1 Act of service: Helping to clean your partner's shoes, kitchen e.t.c. 2 Gifts : Things that symbolizes love e.g flowers, jewelry e.t.c 3 The power of touch : Holding hands, cutting of finger nails e.t.c 4 Quality time : Giving undivided attention to your partner. 5 Word of affirmation : Saying "I LOVE YOU " e.t.c. 5 EXPRESS GRATITUDE : Always tell your partner of how much you're proud of her. let your partner know how much you care by appreciating the things she does.(e.g cooking, washing) and express gratitude for the quality you admire that your partner possesses (such as caring, heart of loving, generosity). ..... You can give gifts that expresses gratitude e.g flowers, a beautiful meal or a particular thing of your choice. ..... You can also express your gratitude through words or notes. ..... You can invite your friends and her friends without her knowing, call her and then tell her in the presence of everyone how much you appreciate her. 6 EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS IN WORDS: Always tell your partner how much you love and cherish her everyday... Don't assume she knows... She cannot read your mind. So, express yourself in words to her whenever you feel it and be passionate. Tell her what you find attractive in her. Go deeper than the normal "I LOVE YOU" that everyone say. Be convinced in what you're saying. If you feel more comfortable in writing, then go ahead and be regular. 7 LOVE HER THE WAY SHE IS : This problem is common among guys. We try to change her to be what we want but this will only do more harm than good. She may be different from you in many ways. She may have habits that you don't share and views the World differently, but you can embrace these differences because they are part of this unique person you love. Just try and encourage her in the things you really like and be polite. 8 EXPRESS FORGIVENESS : Drop your pride and admit you don't always act kind or understanding in your relationship. Recognize when you've hurt your partner, express the mistake to your partner and ask for forgiveness. Likewise, be kind to forgive your partner when she messes up. Don't allow issues to linger because forgiveness allows couples to acknowledge their shortcomings and approach the relationship through growth. 9 BE KIND: kindness stabilizes and gives satisfaction in a relationship. Showing kindness lifts her spirit. No matter how tired, busy, occupied and overwhelmed, don't neglect the needs of your partner... In times of disagreement or fight, be kind to first recognize your faults and repair them. 10 BE A GOOD LISTENER: No matter the disagreement, show that you're listening. Show empathy for your partners point of view by affirming what is said and affirming the feelings your partner is communicating 11 SPEND QUALITY TIME TOGETHER: Always create time for her no matter how busy you are... Share in her joy and sad moments sincerely.... Compensate every one offense with five positive interactions to repair and restore the relationship. 12 KEEP TO YOUR WORDS AND BE TRUTHFUL: These will not only make her happy but also solidify her trust for you. 13 BE REGULAR : You are not PHCL, so be regular in doing the above. If you find this useful, kindly comments and share.... I love you!!!......

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