What if you are the MAIN CHARACTER in this STORY. ...Can this also HAPPEN TO YOU? Plz find out as you read.. It blessed me and it will do same to you. Cheers. Once you were born, the entire family was very happy. You were brought up in the Christian faith and was baptised. You were given the best education and graduated with a good grade and made your parents proud. After some years of unemployment you finally got one. You bought your dream car and started putting up your dream house. Life was good. The company you worked for had acquired a visa for you to travel overseas the next day for a business programme. Then the unexpected happened! You went to bed that evening with a slight headache and you took some medicine, hoping to get on your feet the next morning and embark on your journey but you didn’t wake up, instead you find yourself joining a long queue with people from all races being judged. You find yourself before the JUDGEMENT THRONE OF GOD! The judgement is so fearful that you begin shaking and can hardly stand on your feet. People were being thrust into hell like rice being poured. Suddenly you found yourself face to face with the ALMIGHTY GOD! Your name was mentioned and you were shown on a giant screen the number of years you lived on earth, the day you were baptised and all the good things you have done; your generosity, punctuality to church services, et cetera and you sighed a breath of relief. But wait. The tide turned and what you saw didn’t only make you ashamed but also to sweat profusely. You are shown in HD how you dated that chorister, the numerous fornications you’ve committed, the series of abortions you’ve had, the ungodly dressing exposing your breasts and thighs, the countless lies, theft, backbiting, revelries, the pornographies you’ve watched. How you didn’t tithe faithfully, doing your generosity to be seen and praised by men, not having time for the word of God and finding the gospel sent to you on social media long and boring to read but spending quality time reading long jokes, news and chatting evil long hours with the opposite sex on various social media, playing video games, watching bad movies, soap operas and football all day long. How you never evangelized let alone win souls. You suddenly knelt down in tears and started begging for mercy, to go back and amend your ways but you are quoted Hebrews 9:27 and finally a loud, angry voice shouted ‘D E P A R T’! A strong wind from nowhere lifted you up and sent you down, immersing you in a fire of sulphur and brimstone burning for eternity! Hmmmmm My dear don’t deceive yourself, the very fact that you attend church every Sunday or you are baptised and speak in tongues doesn’t mean you are making heaven. God loves you, desist from ALL MANNER OF SIN AND LIVE A HOLY AND RIGHTEOUS LIFE. Remember, once you are born you’ll surely die but the question is WHERE WILL YOU SPEND YOUR ETERNITY? Regret your sins, ask for forgiveness from a broken heart and HAVE GENUINE REPENTANCE! Don’t wait because tomorrow might be too late. Please share with others to save a soul. GOD BLESS YOU! For all have sin and fallen short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23 For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life. Romans 6:23

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