Saved by the bell~ Chapter 15

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Who knows?

Length: 1673 words

Summary: Finally found a man I want. Until he turned out to be my student.

Part: 15/?

I must have dozed off in that position, my head in my arms, because the next thing I think I knew, I was startled by the sound of someone clearing their throat. My head shot up, and I looked around completely disorientated.

It was Yoongi, again. He was holding two coffees and he handed one to me. I gave him a tired smile, whilst trying to smooth my hair down. “Thank you. You really didn’t have to go to the trouble.”

I started looking under the desk for my bag. “Here, let me pay you ba-”

“-There’s no need”, he said, cutting me off. “It’s on me.” I smiled at him thankfully again, and looked around, confused. According to my timetable, my next lecture with Jin was almost finished. It was only a half an hour study session, but it was scheduled for this room.

“Where is everyone...?”, I mumbled, running a hand through my already dishevelled hair. “I saw Prof Jin teaching a couple of rooms down...You must have had a room change”, Yoongi replied.

I rubbed my eyes and sighed. My head was killing me. “Miss? Are you OK? Shall I get some food too?” I shook my head. “No thanks Yoongi, you’ve done plenty- I don’t think I could stomach any food anyway.. And call me y/n, ‘Miss’ makes me feel super old.” We both laughed quietly.

There was a comfortable silence as we both sipped on our coffees. I revelled in the bitter taste and willed it to wake me up a little. “Are the rumours true?”, Yoongi suddenly asked. “About Prof Jin and the temp?”

I smiled, placing the disposable cup on the desk. “God knows. But if you ask me they’re fit for each other.” I suddenly looked at him in the eyes and bit my lip, regretting saying anything.

“My apologies. That was uncalled for.”

“Why are you sorry? You’ve had a long day y/, I agree with what you said.” Wow. For a student he was certainly more mature than I was. I know we were the same age, but if I have someone labelled as student, I make the assumption that they’re all have the same mentality.

I laughed at him agreeing with me. “I didn’t thank you for earlier by the way.” My voice was borderline inaudible, but I knew he could hear me.

“Don’t mention it. From what I could see he was just stringing you along, and you deserve someone better.” He was deadly serious as he spoke, and I tilted my head to fully observe him.

Min Yoongi.

“Don’t you live with Namjoon?” I asked, and he visibly grimaced. “Unfortunately. Don’t get me wrong- great guy. Would like it better if he smoked outside and didn’t keep screwing the neighbour. But not boyfriend material.”

I flinched at his words, but he was right. But I was still curious about one thing. “I thought you and Jungkook hated me for...being with him.”

He shook his head. “You can be with whoever you want. And we don’t hate you. We were annoyed at the situation. Namjoon got pissed that night and bought the girl from next door to our place.”

He took a breath. “Hate you?”, he repeated, smiling. “Definitely not. As far as teachers’re alright.” I laughed out loud at the attempted compliment, but my laughter was cut-short by the man who had appeared at the door. Jin.

“Am I interrupting something?” He flashed Yoongi a smile- and even though it seemed forced, Yoongi smiled back. “Yoongi stopped by to get exam prep tips and a few notes”, I lied easily.

He eyed me briefly before turning to Jin. “Yeah Prof. Was just going.” I still had so much more to ask him. Why Namjoon was like this? Why Yoongi had decided to approach me? I didn’t buy that he did it purely because I ‘deserved someone better’.

So I called out “Yoongi, do you have my email so you don’t have to stop by whenever you have a query?”

He looked at me knowingly, and I instantly knew he had caught onto what I meant. “No. I wrote it down at the beginning of semester, but lost the paper.”

Jin was still standing far away to not see what I was writing, so I wrote my number down and gave it to him. He nodded discretely and pocketed it is.

“See you later”, he said to both me and Jin. We both waved back, my smile genuine, and Jin’s smile tight-lipped.

I wasn’t afraid of me and Jin being alone anymore. He had someone in his life now, by the looks of it, and I didn’t. Even though there had been a role-reversal, I wasn’t about to make a move on him, like what he had done with me.

“Y/n”, Jin started, coming closer. “What the hell happened? You look like death.” I snorted, not looking up at him as he sat on the chair next to me. He seemed genuinely worried.

“I’m fine Jin”, I sighed, pointedly sipping the coffee Yoongi had so graciously bought me. “Just lack of sleep.”

The silence that ensued wasn’t comfortable, like it had been with Yoongi. Rather, it was awkward. So to break it, I asked, “How did you know about Namjoon and that girl? I know she didn’t go to a councillor.”

Jin rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. “I overheard her in the corridor telling a friend. Namjoon was with her. I’m sorry y/n, I didn’t mean to hurt y-”

“-It’s fine Jin. We’re over.” Jin looked shocked at my factual tone. “You two broke up?”

“Well...he doesn’t know that yet. I’ll text him later to end it. I...”, I hesitated to tell him. Jin was flitting between friend and foe way too often. But as I looked into his eyes and saw genuine worry, I knew he was a friend.

“I..called him to ask him where he was this morning. He told me he slept in. But instead of ending the call, he out in on speaker phone...and I heard him with another girl.”

“That’s so shitty...I’m sorry y/n.” I shook my head silently trying to smile at him. It wasn’t his fault after all. “I wished I had listened to you earlier”, I whispered. He squeezed my shoulder. “Don’t. Now’s not the time to blame yourself.”

I took a deep breath to calm down. The last thing I needed was for me to start crying again. “How come you didn’t tell me about the room change?”

He let go of my shoulder and gave me a sad smile. “I was coming to tell you. But I saw you hunched over and assumed, rightly, that you were asleep. So I left you alone. It was only a half hour class anyway.” I smiled at him, thankful that he hadn’t forced me to teach.

I was wringing my hands together, feeling extremely agitated, and Jin gently grasped my hands in his own. “It’s gonna be OK y/n. You’ll get through this. If you want, I’ll teach Namjoon’s class by myself, so you don’t have to see him again.”

I didn’t know if that’s what I wanted. Bar Namjoon and ‘his girl’, the rest of the class liked me a lot, and if I left them, Jin would be left with a hefty workload. It wasn’t fair.

“I want to stay Jin. It’s not fair on you or the class. I was planning to see if those two could be moved to a new class that does the same modules, but have a slightly different timetable.”

He bit his lip, thinking hard. “Good idea. I’ll speak to the dean about it later today. He’s in a meeting right now.” I thanked him, and he reluctantly got up, saying he had to go, his cheeks flushing a slight shade of red.

I knew instantly where he was going. He asked me if I was going to be alright, and whether I needed him here when I told Namjoon we were done. I said I’d be fine, and he nodded and started walking off.

“Say hi to Yoona for me!”, I teased, and he mumbled something under his breath, extremely embarrassed. I was happy he had found someone. Yoona would be his first girlfriend since teacher training.

But I knew Jin. Deep down, he still had those feelings for me that he showed the other day. But I couldn’t reciprocate them, because I had thought Namjoon was the one. So now all I could do was smile sadly as he walked away, hands in pockets.

At least he was still my friend. I was glad I hadn’t lost this friendship because feelings aside, Jin was one of the few people who actually cared for me. And I could see that clearly today. There were no ‘ I told you so’s’, no laughs on my behalf. He had been caring, helping and understanding.

‘Hey, it’s Yoongi. Smart move with the email.’

‘Hey beautiful. Sorry again for not coming in. Want me to make it up to you later? x'

I thought hard about how to reply- deciding formal and emotionless-and this was the end result:

No. Don’t bother. Stay away from me. Come to my house and I will not hesitate to contact the police. Kindly refrain from contacting me again, and in case you do attempt to reply, your number will be blocked, so there’s no point. Thank you for adhering to my requests beforehand Mr Kim Namjoon. Goodbye.

Before I could think it through, or even proof-read, I had replied. He would get it, he would read it, and he would freak out. And I didn’t give a damn. All I could do was stare at the 4 letter word underneath my message.



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