Chapter One: Jeju:Part 1

It's our first day in Jeju and Ji Yong says he has some things planned for us.Right now he is still asleep and I'm not going to try and wake him up.It might turn into a wrestling match.I'm just going to get ready and maybe he'll be awake by then.I grabbed my clothes and went to the bathroom setting them on the counter.I started the shower then got in once the water was hot enough.I did all my shower things then got out drying off.Once i was dry I got ready and headed out seeing Ji still asleep.I guess I am going to have to wake him up.I walked over to his bed pulling his blankets off. "Oppa.Come on.Wake up." "No."He said pulling blanket back over him. "You said we have stuff planned.Get up."I said jumping on his bed. "Ok.I'm getting up."He said sitting up. "Love the hair."I laughed. "Shut up." "Ok.Hurry up." I left his room and went to the living room sitting on the couch looking through my phone.Maybe I should text Jade and see what she is up to. Me:Aye Jade! Jade:Hey Girly.How is Jeju?" Me:Good.We are about to head out.What are you doing? Jade:About to head to work.Your uncle says it should be busy. Me:I bet it's a lot of GD fans. Jade:Most likely.What are planning on doing first? Me:Whatever comes to mind.The only problem is that we are near the ocean and it'cold. Jade:That is sucky.I gotta go.Send me pictures. Me:I will.Later Jade:Later! "Let's go."Ji said coming out dressed. "Where are we going first?"I asked standing up. "Look up a place and we'll go." "I thought you had this all planned." "I decided to let you choose." "Sweet!"

While I was looking for a place we walked outside to the black van and got into the back seats.I was thinking we can go to that one place on 1 night 2 days where the one actor caught his own octopus to eat.I wanna see Ji do it,but I'm not hungry yet so maybe the glass castle could be fun. "Let's go to the Glass Castle." "If that's where you want to go." Ji Yong told his manager and we were off. "Play Taeyang Oppa's 1am."I said. "You don't want to listen to my songs?"He asked pretending to be hurt. "We can after." "Fine." Once he played 1am I began singing along and so did Ji.I decided to snapchat and instagram a video.Comments came pouring in from friends asking who he is and the song we are singing.Some of them should know he is my cousin since I do have a lot of pictures of us together saying he is my cousin. "Why so serious?"Ji sang "Get your crayon!"Ji and I both yelled. "We are here."Ji's manager said turning off the music. Ji and I got out of the van and made our way towards the building.Some people did recognized Ji and he took a few pictures. "Oppa.Look!"I said pointing to a huge wine glass. "This would be good for T.O.P. Hyung since he loves wine."Ji said taking a picture "Reminds me.When do I get to drink with you guys?" "Maybe next time we are recording since good lyrics do come when we are drunk." "I'm in." "Haha.Let's go checkout some stuff out." We walked up to the door going in and paid for our entrance fee.Time to look around.Wow!This stuff is really cool.

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