Chained Up (Vixx FanFic)

Im sorry that I didn't upload yesterday. This chapter wasn't ready until now. I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 9 ************* I woke up with someone holding me in a tight grip around my waist. I looked over my shoulder and saw a handsome sleeping Master N. I shifted my body to face him. I studied every point of his face. Smiling to myself, I raised my hand up and moved a strand of hair out of his face. Then I caress his cheek, thinking how  can I have so much feel for one person. My thumb traced over his lips. "Why do I feel this way towards you?" I asked out loud but didn't get answer. I pecked his lips and turn back around to be facing a clock the said it was close to three pm. I gasped and pried Master N hands off of me. I quietly snuck out of his room with nothing to cover me and headed towards mine. I felt the pain shoot through my legs. I clenched my teeth as I tried to get to my room fast but even before I could, I saw Master Leo coming out of his room. When he turned, he was facing me. I could feel his eyes on me. Neither on of us moved until he took the step. I stood there like a statue. He circled around my naked body. He pressed my back into his chest as his finger was gliding down the front of my body. My breathe was caught in my throat. "Looks like a certain slave got punished last night." His soft voice said into my ear. I had chills run through my body as he licked my ear and leaved tails of his kisses on my neck where Master N left his mark. I felt one of his finger rub against my clit and slide into my hole. He pumped his finger in and out as I could feel the pain and pleasure. I leaned my head back farther as it gave him more access to my neck. I bit my lip and moaned. I felt his teeth pierced into my skin, making a new flesh bite mark. He took in the blood that was clotting up around the wound. After hitting the right spot I cummed on his fingers. Pulling them out and running them against my skin, I could feel wetness that trailed behind. "Go get dress and meet me in the living room" he said and walking away. I rushed to my room hoping that no one was in there because I wasn't for sure if I could handle anymore sexual activity. I sighed in a relief that no one was in my room. I grabbed clothes and went to the bath to take a quick shower. It wasn't until twenty minutes later that I was entering the living room where Master Leo was sitting and reading a book. "Master Leo, I'm ready" I told him. He shut the book and placed it on the table. He got up and walked past me. I followed quietly, as we entered a garage that held six expensive cars. Master Leo opened a passenger door to one of the cars. He looked at me and nod his head towards the car. I slowly walked to the car but he got impatient and dragged me into the car. Shutting the door and getting in on the other side. He looked at me as I looked at him back. Thats when he reached over me and pulled onto te buckle to buckle me in. I could feel my heart beat fast as a blush creeped up my face. He didn't seem bothered as he pulled out of the driveway. The sun shinned through the window as I watched up at the sky. It was nice to be out since I haven't been out the last time I meet my Masters. I turned to Master Leo and studied his blank face. "Where are we going Master Leo?" I asked. He didn't say anything only kept his eyes on the road. It wasn't long until we pulled up to a building.  He parked the car and stepped out with sunglasses on his face. I opened the car door and got out to follow him. "Master Leo wait up" I yelled for him. He turned around and looked at me with his sunglasses down. He smirked and kept on walking. He disappeared in my sight as I entered the building. Looking around I found out that it was a club but nobody was around. "Master Leo" I called out. "Master Leo" I called again as I went through all the rooms. I came to a last door an praying that he was going to be there. "What are you doing?" a voice said behind me. I turned around and meet a handsome guy that was dark skin and had chocolate eyes. His hair was combed back. "I was--" I was about to tell but he interrupted me. "Ehh I could careless." He said while making a gesture with his hand. I stood there looking at him and he looked back at me. His lips turn into a smirk. "Whats your name baby?" He asked. "I'm not telling you." "Why not?" "Because I'm not" He chuckled and stepped closer to me. "Okay then I'll tell you mine. I'm Jongin or Kai but you can call me daddy if you want." He said giving me a wink. "Its nice to meet you Kai but I'm not calling you daddy" I told him. "Why not? I bet I can when my dick is all up in you" I gave him a 'your crazy' face. "I'm not going to have sex wih you" "But you smell like sex" And once again I gave him the face. "Oh come on you know you want this" he gestured to himself. "She's not going to have you and if i ever see you touching or anything, I'll personally rip your head off" A soft threatening voice said. I looked over Kia shoulder and saw Master Leo with another guy. Kai turn to look at them. The guy gave Kai a face that showed that he was in trouble. "Leo its good to see you. Is she your's?" He asked Master Leo. "Yes and now we are leaving. Slave?" "Yes Master" I said and rushed to Master Leo side. "It was nice meeting you baby" I heard Kai yell across the hall then heard a "Ow Suho what was that for!" Master Leo opened the car door for me and went back to the house in silence. Once we got there I began doing my chores around the house.

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