Fly me away! Part 4

Yey for Part 4! It's a short part but full of humor. I realized a few things as I was trying to track down what korean air shows on their tv's in the air. So this is what I discovered along the way.


P.S. I have a random question! so in a few parts I am having them do commentary for a movie, would people be interested in hearing that? it had turned out extremely long but it is funny. should I post it or not?

“I have no idea what just took place” I stared at Trinity. “Can we switch seats?” she questioned. I looked at her. “No. I comfy now” I smiled. “Want to pick a movie and kill a few hours?” I questioned her. I realized how comfortable I actually was, considering economic on a plane was so crammed and uncomfortable. “Hey Trin? Where not in economic seating are we?” I questioned looking at her. She took a moment to look around. It dawned on both of us that this really wasn’t economic. This was a step up. WIth seats that could recline and had like there own cubicle and a little bit more space in the isle and in between each row. “I think we got that prestige suites. Oh god, did we really. How did I not notice” she said looking around. “I didn’t either. And look, there’s so much room and so many games and channels on this tv” I said pointing to the screen. “Have you two not been on plane before?” The guy on the left in front of us asked. “I been on plane before! I’ve never been on Korean air. How am I supposed to know a difference.” I told him. “Well to start, you are in middle section” he stated. “And? Your point?” I questioned. “Ari, just ignore it and enjoy the fact that we aren’t crammed in economic” Trinity said. I sighed. “Okay I will” I smiled. “Who are you now?” I asked the guy. “Tae-hyung” he said. “So Tae, Is this how you travel?” I questioned. “Yes, sometimes we get better seats too” he grinned. “It’s the food that matters!” the other guy, J hope it looked like said. “Does it taste better than cardboard with seasoning?” I questioned him. “We get real meat up here” he said staring over his seat at us. “Really!” Trinity perked up. “They do a meal with noodles, crab bulgogi-” “Lalalala” I covered my ears. “I want it to be a surprise now” I told him acting like a child. I waited for it to be quiet before I uncovered my ears. “And wine and champagne” I covered my ears again than thought. “Wait, wine?” I questioned curious. “When. do . we. get. Wine?” I questioned very slowly. It made everyone laugh. “What? Its alcohol” I pointed out. There was a noise coming down the aisle and I took note that a stewardess was coming down with a cart. “Omo, Now” Trinity pointed out. “YEY!” I exclaimed. I waited patiently for the women to make it down the aisle and through the guys, a couple got some beers others did not. When she came up to us. I ordered a German red wine and Trinity got a French champagne. “Bubbly” Trinity said as she got her glass after thanking the women. She moved on and we had our flutes in hand. “A cheers” I said. “To finishing school!” I started. “To going to Korea!” Trinity said. “To . . . Panda’s!” I put in. “To BTS” she said than quickly to a sip before we could say anything else.

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