Zakku's Character Design Choices?!?

Which body type do would you like to see?

Long Hair or Short hair?

I need your help guys!! I'm pretty hung up on what to pick for the MC of The Bionic Magic King! I thought I'd have a vote on what you'd like to see what you would like the most so I can try and Draw him out for you guys to see!! Leave a Like and comment what you'd like to see. It will help me out in the long run I promise!!@Aimebolanos@tylor619cruz@SAMURXAI@SimoneSanders@NeckoNecko@DesiphirXIII@simplynick@littlemaryk@DestinyAgnew@InVinsybll@ShinigamiSan

Ore wa Zakku I'm the Resident HAREM KING! I'm the Fusion of Rentaro Satomi, Arata Kasuga, Raku Ichijo subscribe if you want :)
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