Your Entertainment: Chapter 7

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There was a tunnel as dark as Raven feathers. I kept running for some unknown reason, not even knowing what or who from but it didn't feel good. Oh, come on! Not this again! My lungs were on fire and my legs felt as if they were gonna fall off and leave the other part of me behind. You know how usually there's that little light at the end of the tunnel? Yeah, well, this was not in my case. There wasn't even a speck of light, not even an ounce of shimmering walls or even glittering water on the ground. The air was chilly and the cold nipped at my face, arms, and neck, telling me it wasn't going to get warm anytime soon. I kept on going no matter how much I hurt, no matter how tired I was. I had to keep going or else something would happen. I was on the brink of collapse when I heard a voice. It sounded vague although familiar. I ran towards the voice on the verge of tears, my breath hitching in my throat when I came to a halt and involuntarily fell to my knees. What was infront of me? I couldn't breathe, nor tear my eyes away from the scene. It was a mirror image of myself, blood spilling out of my mouth and a gaping hole in my chest where my heart should be. Kneeling by my right side was a monster like creature. It was a black mass, it's body contoured like a beast's, and had a red and yellow eye. It was breathing heavily and started smelling the air before looking straight into my soul. What did it want from me? I had no clue. I tried getting up but fell back and landed on my tailbone, making me gasp in pain. Tears started rolling down my cheeks uncontrollably, as the monster started walking forward, towards me. It began getting closer with every inch I moved back. My vision began to blur until I saw a glowing light as the monster began to change into what looked like a boy. A boy? What? How? A million thoughts very similar started running through my mind. Suddenly I heard a voice "It's fine, now Hatai," wait, how did he know my name? Who is this guy? He continued through clenched teeth, venom clearly in his once angelic voice, "Everything. Is. Going. To. Be. Alright." I started trembling till he pushed my back to the ground and straddled me, holding my arms above my head with only one of his hands. His other hand had something gleaming and seemed to catch light on the metal part. Oh no. He raised his arm above his head and screamed as it came down on me, an inch away before light flooded my eyes. I woke up to being shaken violently. "Hatai! Wake up! Wake up!" I opened my eyes slowly only to sit up fast and hug Anong with all I had in me. Tears falling from my face. "Woah! What's wrong sweetie? You can tell me anything." She pushed me away, gently prying me from her and placed either hand on each cheek, wiping my tears. I looked down, blinking, wondering how I'm going to tell her about that stupid nightmare. Here goes nothing. Taking a deep breath I began to tell her about it, occasionally stuttering, but she encouraged me to keep going. As each word slipped from my tongue she nodded her head, rubbing my hands in a comforting way, letting me know she was listening. When I finished, I tried to stop crying, laughing at myself for the tears would not stop. "You are very descriptive when it comes to dreams. Has this only happened once or has it been reoccurring?" I knew she was talking about the nightmare, obviously. I giggled a little. "It's a gift." She nodded her head, agreeing and chuckling at my response. I flipped my hair dramatically, emphasizing my quote of description a gift. She only rolled her eyes and motioned for me to answer her question. "It's been reoccurring, but only for a couple of days. I have no Idea what it means or what it's trying to tell me or anything! Not a single clue in my brain!" She slapped the side of my head. "Maybe it's trying to tell you to not fall in love with boys!" Anong said in a joking manner. Yeah, because that's the reason. I rolled my eyes to the back of my head so far I thought they would end up getting stuck; they didn't. Thank god. "Well, time to get ready for the day. I will be downstairs cooking breakfast. If you need to, take your time to think over the nightmare and I'll look it up about what it means. Got it? Okay! Get up!" She yanked on my arm, hauling me out of bed, sendiN me almost flying across the room and pushed me into the bathroom. "Don't fall! See ya later!" Why is she so happy? Maybe she's going on a date with Taehyungie! Yes! That's it! I high fived myself, the sound echoing in the bathroom. I turned on the water, making sure it's just the right temperature, I don't want to die of either melting or freezing! I started taking off my shirt and saw something in the mirror for a brief second. That something had caught my eye and I started staring, trying to find what it was I had seen. If Anong could see me right now, she would probably think I looked like a retard. I felt my back start to hurt so turned around to face the mirror. What I saw terrified me yet it didn't at the same time. The fear slowly started to take over by little bits. "Anong! Come here!" I yelled through the tears streaming down my face. Suddenly I heard thuds down the hall, enter my room and banging on my door. I instantly knew it was Anong. "Hatai!? Are you alright!? What happened!?" I swung the door open and she looked confused as to why I had no shirt on, and tears were falling onto my cheeks. "What's wrong sweetie?" Her voice started to calm my nerves for how smooth and concerned it was. I slowly turned around to show her my back, and she gasped in horror. She began to stammer. "H-h-how did this h-h-happen?" I shook my head and slowly turned back to the mirror, looking at what was on my back. There was a large gash from my left shoulder blade to the bottom of the right side of it. The cut was deep, probably about a half of an inch. "I-I have no idea! It didn't even start to hurt till a couple of minutes ago." Blood started to trickle from the wound, giving me shivers. How could this have possibly happened!? "I get that I'm clumsy and all but there is no way I could do this." "We need to tend to this before it gets infected." I just nodded my head before sitting on side of the tub while turning off the water and waiting as she grabs the first-aid kit from underneath the sink. She started rummaging through it, looking for what she needed. Suddenly she pulled out some alcohol and some gauzes to help tend my wound. I looked at her in fear but it dissipated into sorrow. "I know, this is going to hurt but just bare with it. It's not like you haven't been through worse before." True. I've been hurt so many times over the years, some injuries took it to the point where I ended up being hospitalized for over a month. A terrible stinging feeling rushed through my back, making me wince. I bit my lip to contain the whimpers that came from my mouth and closed my eyes tightly. This took a while before she said, "Time for the alcohol!" I turned around, face to face with her while giving her a look of utter fear. "What? I was just rinsing it, making sure it didn't have anything in the wound." I rolled my eyes before letting out a shaky breath and the process began agin. This time it was worse. She decided to just dump what felt like the entire bottle down my back and I could feel it start to bubble. Good god this hurts. I started breathing heavily, while hearing footsteps. Who else could possibly be here!? "Anong! You almost burnt the food! What's going o-" Whoever that was, their voice stopped along with their footsteps. "Oh my god! What happened!?" I turned around only to find Jin gaping in horror but worry written all over his face. "Are you alright Hatai?" I just nodded, giving him a soft smile. It didn't hurt that bad anymore, enough for me to bare it. "Here, let me help. Anong, do you mind going downstairs and checking on the fold and boys?" He more so demanded than asked. "But-" She began but he interrupted. "Just go." His voice was still soft but the tone in his voice became more demanding. She just nodded before slightly bowing and left to check on the food and boys. Wait. The boys are here? "Yes, they are here. Did you not know? Anong texted us this morning saying to come over since we have no schedule today. She didn't tell you?" I simply shook my head, confused as a bubble falling to the ground. He began to wash his hands, and then tended to my wound. "How did this happen anyway?" "I have no clue! I just woke up and was about to take a shower before seeing this. There's not even any blood on my shirt nor bed." He nodded his head, furrowing his brows while pausing for a moment. "So how are you?" "You are in terrible condition, yet you smile and ask me how I am. Aren't you in any pain?" He went back to wiping my back with some cooling gel, giving me shivers and goosebumps. I shrugged my shoulders. I sighed, "I care for other more so than myself. I always put myself last and others first. It's just how I am." He began to bandage my back as we made small talk. "Well Hatai, I am doing fine but considering you are in terrible shape, I am very worried." He laughed a little before turning serious. "That can be dangerous! So you are telling me you would take a bullet for someone you have no clue of who they are?" I only nodded my head in response. "Why?" "Because everybody deserves a chance." I gave a weak smile before my eyes became worry. I started to fan them. "What an emotional subject." I laughed at my joke hoping Jin would join. He didn't at first, but after a couple of seconds he did. Jin patted my left shoulder, "You're all taken care of. Don't do anything stupid and be careful. Got it?" I nodded my head before muttering a yes under my breath. "Good." He patted the top of my head as if I were a little kid. I mean, to him I am considering he is a couple years older, but still. "Thank you Jin-ssi." I bowed a little, considering I couldn't bend the way I did before due to the bandages. He waved me off before beginning to clean up the mess. "Let me help you." I offered, taking a few bloody gauzes and throwing them in the trash. "Before you start helping me, at least put on a shirt. You're a woman and I'm a man. Do you see where I am going with this?" Jin threw my shirt I was wearing before which was a plain white t-shirt with a pocket on the left side of the top. Just because you're a man and I'm a woman doesn't mean that we will all of a sudden just go at it. Commen sense, bruh. I rolled my eyes before doing as told but ended up hurting myself. "Here let me help you with that." He threw away what was in his hands before helping put on my shirt. "You are just begging for help, aren't you?" We both laughed at his joke. "Sure. Whatever you say." We both laughed to our stomachs hurt when suddenly a voice echoed throughout the bathroom. "Hatai? Jin hyung? What's going on here?" Nice to see you too!

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