Let Me Introduce... Monsta X Part 2/2

안녕하세요.. KPopBeat back with the second part of this Monsta X introduction. In the last post I introduced you all to the maknae line. In this part we are going too look at the Monsta X babies.

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Check out all of their MV's and some practice videos in my YouTube Playlist:


Now... without further adieu...... The first person we are going to introduce in this part.....


First in the maknae we have Hyungwon. This boy had a very interesting look to him that I find eye capturing. He is a dancer and vocalist for the group. Hyungwon did a few modeling gigs before he debuted with Monsta X. He is known for his love for sleep. The members say he can sleep anywhere and always looks like he is sleepy. He even admitted to having tried to sleep a howl 29 hours straight... Now that is something I would love to have time for. I have to say I have the most in common with him... I love my sleep.... zzzzzzzzz

He is good at acting and I hope to one day see him in something to show off those talents.

Birth Name: Chae Hyung Won

Name: Hyungwon

Birthday: January 15, 1994

Blood Type: O

Height: 181cm/5'11"


Here we have the groups charismatic rapper, Jooheon. This boy can be fierce in his rapping one second and then switch to major aegyo the next. He is very involved in music production and loves to be involved in the groups songs. He is best friends with #GUN who to many fan's dismay did not end up debuting with the boys despite his overall fan love during No.Mercy.

Jooheon has admitted to his obsession with hats and likes to show off the ones his fans send him. He has also said that he is the kind of guy to appear as cold in front of a woman... This comment makes me curious as to what he means exactly.

Birth Name: Lee Joo Heon

Name: Jooheon

Birthday: October 6, 1994

Blood Type: B

Height: 177cm/5'9"


So last but not least we have the little maknae I.M. This adorable little rapper had a tough start with the group. Despite his amazing rapping skills he was brought into the show No.Mercy over halfway through. This of course cause fans of the show to look at him in a bitter light as well as the members. They admitted that they didnt want to hate him but it felt almost unfair that he hadn't had to go through all of the heartache they did. I will admit I was resistant to him at first.

Despite all of the mixed feelings people had for him.... I.M pulled through. He proved that he deserved to be in the group and even got on good terms with the other memebers.

I.M is fluent in English and actually lived in Boston for three years. He has a strange habit of touching his feet and likes to cling to people. The other members have admitted he is actually really funny but has a very strange sense of humor...

Birth Name: Lim Chang Kyun

Name: I.M

Birthday: January 26, 1996

Blood Type: O

Height: 175cm/5'9"

This is actually my favorite Monsta X song and was downloaded as my ringtone right after it came out.... actually this is still my ringtone to this day.

Well that is all for this Group Introduction. I hope you all enjoyed getting to know Monsta X before they have their comeback in a few days!!

What is your favorite Monsta X song? Who is your Monsta X bias?

Don't know? Haven't listened to them enough? Then make sure to follow the link at the beginning of this post so you can check out all of their MV's to date.

Happy Kpop Hunting!

@KPopBeat OUT!!

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