Debunking UC Santa Barbara Stereotypes: Party School or Prestigious University?

UC Santa Barbara is notorious for many things. Here are some stereotypes and some other not-as-well known facts about this school!

1. "You must party every day huh?"

There are some people who do, and there are a lot of people who don't. The new library is more poppin' during weekday nights than Isla Vista is; it's almost impossible to find a seat!

2. "Do you live on the beach and surf everyday?"

Well, yes. Our famous Del Playa street is on a cliff, and these homes have the ocean as their backyards. You can walk down the stairs straight onto the sand! Surfing is an option, but it's harder than you think. You can opt for paddle boarding, kayaking, or even rafting with your friends if you get a blow up raft.

3. "Are there only beautiful white people at the school?"

No, but there are beautiful people everywhere. Demographically, UCSB has become more diverse than it used to be. The Latino and Asian population has been growing within the past two years. UCSB is now officially recognized as a Hispanic-Serving Institution.

4. Is it sunny all the time?

Yes. Walking outside around Isla Vista and on campus is the best way to soak up the Santa Barbara sun! However, if you are too lazy to walk, hop on a bike and cruise through school on the 8 miles of bike paths that weave between beautiful buildings on campus.

5. What do you guys even do there?

We live by the motto, "work hard, play hard." Only 36.3% of students who apply get accepted. We excel in numerous majors ranging from Biology to Communications. Our Sociology program is number one in the nation! I bet you didn't expect that. There is a reason why we are so fun and social :)

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