Guns N' Roses: I'm Ready to Enter the Jungle

Today marks an amazing day in my life for me because I have finally bought my ticket to see Guns N' Roses this summer on August 9th at AT&T Park. Finally and event I can go to in my Slash costume that won't make my girlfriend demand me to take my wig off or have my peers laugh at the outfit. Guns N' Roses has always shared a special place in my heart. It was a hot day in July in the summer before my senior year of high school and after a working tirelessly all day I had finally received my first paycheck of the month. Filled with excitement I rushed to my car and immediately drove down to my local record and CD store (that sadly has been closed) and searched through the store and finally found the treasure I was looking for, Appetite for Destruction by GNR. It was the first ever album I bought and boy did I play the heck out of that record, jamming to Mr. Brownstone and Paradise City everyday afterwards on my way home from work. It is by far one of my most treasured albums and it brings me so much joy every time I listen to the unique vocals of Axl Rose and the hypnotizing melodies that Slash plays on his guitar. With all the criticism and negative reviews GNR are receiving for their upcoming tour I choose to ignore it all and who cares what the critics say. In the end I'm going to celebrate and enjoy the music they have crafted and nothing is going to stand in my of having an amazing time. So watch out for me in the stands I'll be the guy with the large Slash wig and hat banging his head to the melodies of Welcome to the Jungle and Sweet Child O' Mine all night long.

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