Shadow in the system (Ex Machina analysis)

So, an ordinary guy is pulled into a test in an exotic undisclosed location involving an A.I. and a dude who is a mixture of Sean Parker and Tim Cook. He likes to work out, eat healthy, and does the most awkward dance even Gary Glitter can’t pull it off. He’s also one of the most intelligent inventors ever. Both the ordinary programmer and the inventor become buddies and they both have an interest in a beautiful female robot. The question is not just to prove the A.I. is worth welcoming among the human race, but also question who is the Shadow of this science fiction thriller? I mean besides why we continue to make technology that could probably give us ADD and local battery charging stations.

Here’s a brief intro into what The Shadow is. The Shadow is the Archetypal personification in storytelling that challenges the human psyche to deny the dark aspects of one’s self and projects onto others and/or recognize the dark aspects of the personality as present and real after full realization. Characters have a evil side to them that is considered exotic, even if they’re the hero of the story. During the Turing test we watch Ava evolve during her interaction with Caleb and tells him never to trust Nathan, the guy who created her. When she makes her escape from her cell, she not only helps Kyoko kill Nathan, but also trap Caleb in the test facility. Then we have Nathan choosing Caleb because of his advanced skill in programming and uses his unbridled passion to act as a serviceable businessman and Ava as a secretary, keeping Caleb in a mind game. A big betrayal from both characters on an innocent contestant. However, the film wants us to think Nathan is the bad guy and Ava the good one and we end up seeing a brawl between two dark characters. So, are they both born with an evil side or were they trading instructions with one another before creating the Turing test and fell madly in love with Caleb’s philosophy and questioned their morality and possibly change their plans when Caleb tried to understand what the true situation was? After all Caleb is quite the charmer who is ruined like an inanimate object. The film is really ambiguous about this. Nathan tells Caleb never to let Ava out of the facility and and Ava tells Caleb never trust Nathan, Nathan disconnecting the other failed robots like a mere act of genocide and Ava stabbing Nathan with a knife and leaving him dying and both of them prevent Caleb from escaping. This misconduct of Ex Machina can be an impact, but symbolically speaking it shows that both Shadow characters can also manipulate and project their feelings towards each other and not just aim it all on the hero.

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