Saved by the bell~ Chapter 16

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Who knows?

Length: 1907 words

Summary: Finally found a man I want. Until he turned out to be my student.

Part: 16/?

For the rest of that day, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Namjoon actually stayed clear of me. Either he had seen my text and listened to me, or he had been in bed all day and wasn’t even aware.

Either way, I felt slightly better, like a weight had been lifted off of me. I was thankful to Yoongi and actually texted him back to thank him once more. If he hadn’t come forward, I would still have been the clueless idiot pining after a man who had no feelings for me.

I couldn’t switch off my feelings for Namjoon just like that it would take time. But now I knew I was nothing but a body to him, it would be a lot easier for me to stop liking him.

The next day, me and Jin waited patiently for all the students to be seated. I had a small smile on my face because Jin had just told me the dean had granted permission for the transfer of two students. I avoided Namjoon’s glare but one tin glance at him and I knew he was pissed off. Good.

Jin cleared his throat, a piece of paper in his hands. “Morning class. Now before we begin, I have a quick announcement to make.”

A girl spoke out “Are you and Yoona the temp getting married?!???” I stifled a laugh behind him, as the students gasped in anticipation. “No.” Was all Jin said, as I silently lost it behind him.

The students were looking at me and grinning, but not saying anything to give me away. I straightened myself up and stood upright, poker faced as soon as Jin turned around to look at me.

I nodded towards the paper in his hands, silently telling him to make the announcement. He narrowed his eyes in response. He could probably tell I had been laughing as my eyes had teared up and my face was probably red.

“Anyway... the announcement is that two students are being transferred from this Chemistry module to the other. The only timetable difference is all your chemistry classes are one hour later, and next door rather than in here. The rest of your modules will remain the same. The two students are Hwasa and Namjoon.”

That was the girls name? Well damn. I had always just referred to her as Namjoon’s neighbour. Namjoon stood up in an outrage. “What?!” His deep voice boomed throughout the lecture room as everyone turned to look at him.

“On what grounds?”

My eyes flitted over to meet Yoongi’s and even from here I could see he was biting back a smile. The girl, Hwasa, didn’t actually seem that bothered.

“Listen”, I looked down at the paper in Jin’s hands, acting like I didn’t even remember Namjoon’s name, “Mr Kim Namjoon, rules are rules. So you and...”, I looked at Jin who muttered ‘Hwasa’, “Hwasa no longer need to sit in on these lectures. Yay for you!”

The class snickered at my evident sarcasm as Namjoon looked furious. The more I looked at him, the more I remembered his lies, and the more I revelled in his anger.

“It was a mistake.”

“Please, give me a chance.”

“You’re mine y/n. Only mine.”

“And I’m yours.”

“I love you.”

I swallowed and looked at Jin, who had the slightest hint of anger tainting his features. “We can wait all day guys”, he said sternly. My mind flashed back to that day Jin had kicked Namjoon and left a bruise... he should have kicked harder.

Namjoon picked up his bag, and Hwasa mirrored his actions. The girl looked so clueless...was she even aware of what was going on? He turned just before he stormed out and said pointed at the two of us. “This isn’t over.” And with that he left, fuming, Hwasa closely following him.

“And that boys and girls, concludes the announcement!” Jin started the lecture, and I sat down, feeling drained. The smiles were only temporary. Whenever I remembered his sweet whispers and musings filled with false sincerity, it made me want to break down and scream.

I don’t think he even realised yet that I knew about him cheating again. Obviously Yoongi wouldn’t have told him. But judging my the dark circles on all of their eyes, Namjoon had made last night hell for them. I felt kinda responsible, but I wasn’t going to kid myself and stay in the relationship any longer.

Plus Namjoon had Hwasa. He would get over me soon. He wasn’t even in this class anymore. I felt like I could breath a bit better. Jin ended his half and I got up to do mine. The brief eye contact we made, the smile we exchanged, it made my heart well up.

I was glad that despite the circumstances, and the odds, we had remained friends. That’s another thing Namjoon would have fucked up. Our friendship. As I lectured the class about Benzene reactions, my eyes kept flitting to Yoongi.

He was paying attention, making notes and occasionally smiling whenever our eyes would meet. Of course I had learned my lesson and I would stay clear of the male student population but all the same, my eyes were still drawn to him.

The half an hour went by extremely quickly as I was wrapping up the lesson before I knew it. “Oh yes guys, we have a few mini-tests coming up, so please keep up with revision!” I called, smiling at the collective groans.

“And if you fail it, we give you a different test. You have to keep doing the mocks until you pass!”, Jin added, and they only groaned louder.

“Staff room?”, I smiled at Jin, and he put his hand out as if to say ‘lead the way’. We walked past the last few students, and I flashed Yoongi one last smile before leaving the room.

In the staffroom, Jin had just sat down, coffee in hand, when his phone rang. “God’s sake”, he muttered.

“What? Who is it?” I asked curiously. It was so weird for me to still act like that encounter between us hadn’t happened, when he left that mark on my neck, but somehow I was managing.


I frowned. “Before you say anything, no, we’re not together. She keeps wanting to meet up and talk.”

I frowned. They weren’t together? She probably thought Jin had a thing for her after he had invited her to that restaurant. And he always hugged her goodbye. And he sometimes walked with her between classes. Not to mention that photo the students had circulated of the two of them locking lips.

“I’m just gonna take this call and tell her I’m busy.” He stayed sitting down, seeing as I was the only other person in here. I could get on with some assignment marking while I waited. I knew Yoona loved the sound of her own voice, so the call would be ten minutes minimum.

“I’m just going back down to get some work to mark”, I told him, placing my coffee down. He nodded to let me know he had heard, as he listened to whatever she was saying on the other end.

I stifled a laugh at his bored expression as I got up and silently shut the door behind me. The corridors were empty as I walked along, feeling slightly better about myself- for now. But of course, good things never lasted.

Suddenly I was whirled around and before I knew it my back was being slammed against the hard wall. I hissed in pain and opened my eyes to find none other than Namjoon.

His fingers dug into my shoulders as he glared at me. His breathing was laboured, and I could tell he was trying to control his anger. But he was failing.

“We need to talk”, he growled.

I struggled slightly in his grip. “About what?”

“Stay away from me. Come to my house and I will not hesitate to contact the police. Kindly refrain from contacting me again, and in case you do attempt to reply, your number will be blocked, so there’s no point. Thank you for adhering to my requests beforehand Mr Kim Namjoon. Goodbye.”

I just stared at him as he recited my text message pretty much word for word, his face mere inches away from mine. And when he finished, I just bluntly replied, “So why are you talking to me when the message clearly asked you not to?”

“What the fuck is going on y/n?” His grip was hurting me now. “Mr Kim Namjoon, I will not ask you again. Leave me alone.” Namjoon just stared at me in disbelief, but didn’t let go.

I stared at every bit of his face. The face I had grown to know so well. Grown to love. But now all I saw was this deceit that lay within. This treacherousness. Before I knew what I was doing, I had mustered up all my strength to break one of my arms free. And I slapped him, He instantly let go of me.

Probably not from the pain. But from the shock. My hand was actually stinging from the impact but I didn’t let on. “You think I’m joking?”, I asked quietly, calmly. “You. Stay. AWAY. Am I clear?”

“What the fuck is going on?” He asked again, but this time it was a quieter voice. He sounded defeated. I gave a small bitter laugh at the fact that he was still acting innocent.

But I offered him an explanation anyway. “The day you didn’t come in and I called you. You didn’t turn the phone off, Namjoon. You put it on loudspeaker.” I felt numb as the words came tumbling out of my mouth.

The realisation slowly hit him as his face went from confused to guilty. He tried to step forward but I put a hand out to stop him. “Don’t you fucking dare”, I ordered.

He ran a hand through his hair, exasperated. “I don’t want anything to do with you. Now you can fuck your neighbour without thinking about getting caught.”

“Y/n don’t-”

“Fuck off”, I spoke harshly through gritted teeth. Was he really trying to apologise right now? “You’re a fucking liar. I feel sorry for all your future partners because they don’t know yet that they’re gonna be dating a disloyal, lying bastard.”

I spoke without emotion. It was taking all my willpower to not start bawling right there. “In fact, no. I hope you’re not the one cheating. I hope you’re the one who gets cheated on, so you know how it feels. How much it fucking hurts.”

There was silence as he took in my words. He looked so broken. But I had learned my lesson- albeit the hard way, but it was definitely learned.

“I have nothing more to say to you, except for stay the hell away from me. You love me? Ha! You wouldn’t know love if it fucking kicked you where it hurts. You’re not mine, and I’m certainly not yours. We’re done.”

I pushed past him, to go the the lecture room. Even when I had reached the end of the corridor, I could hear his sobs, but I kept on walking. Because if Namjoon had taught me one thing it was that I could be just as heartless as the next person.

If not more.


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