1-2-3 (Chapter 2)

Pairing: Jimin x Reader Word Length: 1,430(Y/N) P.O.V "Found you," said Jimin sounding almost breathless. You turned around as fast as you could. How the hell did he find me!? I was way ahead of him. Trying not to look too shocked I reply, "You don't say?" He smiled. "All you have to do is apologize and then maybe I'll be nice enough to forgive you." Said Jimin with one arm leaning on the tree. While the other on his waist. "Like that'll ever happen." Jimin soon enough started walking towards me, arms crossed, "It''s just a simple apology." "Exactly since it's such a simple apology then drop it." Not realizing he was just centimeters away from my face, he smirked. "I won't let it go, because it's you." I felt a small blush creep up my face not wanting him to look at me I just looked away. Jimin laughed as he moved away. "You should've seen your face!" "You're such an ass!" I say chasing him around like he was to me except this time it's me chasing him. "That wasn't funny." "Alright alright I'm sorry (y/n)." I laughed. His face expressing complete confusion. "Just don't ever do that again." I say giving him a smile. Punching his shoulder playfully I say, "Let's head back." Placing his arm around my shoulders and walking "On we go then!" Jimin said as he pointed his finger to who knows where. We both laughed. "How have the guys been?" "They've all been great. But ever since you left we haven't talked as much. We would all meet up once every 2 weeks and talk about the most random things." I say while placing a smile on my face. "But anyways is there anyone else who knows you're back besides me?" Arriving at this coffee shop we sit down. "No. You're actually the first to know." He says while looking at me in the eyes. "I'll uh go get us some coffee." I say while making my way to the front to order. My heart pounding a bit. Ignoring it I think of what I should get for us? I'll just get us something simple. Iced coffee. "Hi may I get your order." "Yes I'd like 2 medium iced coffee's please." "Your order will be ready in a few minutes." And with that I made my way back to where Jimin is, placing both hands in my back jean pockets. Sitting back down Jimin opens his mouth to speak. "You didn't even let me tell you what I wanted." Jimin said with a chuckle. "Sorry about that." Giving him a smile. "It's fine. How are your parents doing?" Turning my smile into a straight face. "I wouldn't say good but I wouldn't say bad either. Let's say there's another argument." Jimin giving off a concerned face. "Don't worry it's not like the rest of them. This one determines where I'll be living from now on." I say looking down but soon looking back up. "What do you mean by that?" You let out a sigh. "My dad wants me to live with him in North Dakota which he will be moving there soon but my mother wants me to stay here with her. I honestly don't want to be with just one of them. I want to be with the two of them. I'm not to hurt by this. It's just, I don't know, I'm not surprised I guess." Looking back at Jimin he says, "I'm always here remember that. We're best friends aren't we? Lighten up as well, I'm sure things will end up working out." Giving me one of his smiles made me smile for myself. It's always his smile and words that make me feel better. "I'll go get the drinks you stay put and reflect on what you did to me earlier to me." He said causing me to laugh out loud. This guy he's seriously something. (Jimin's PO.V) After hearing (y/n) talk about her parents I couldn't help but feel sad for myself but mainly for her. If she leaves then what'll happen to our friendship and also the guys! I don't want her to leave and also her dad. Her family was actually perfect in my aspect. But because of the problems that surrounded (y/n) back in elementary and middle school. Things started to fall apart for both her and her parents. She got bullied a lot mainly for her appearance. Of course I was always there for her. I looked after her as much as I could. Eventually when we got to high school things were still like that but ever since she met the other guys she changed. In a good way. She became stronger, smiled even brighter, became more open, changed her way of thinking, and what tops all these is that her personality finally got to be shown fully. I love her a lot and I hate to see her suffer. And that is why I will do my best to cheer her up. "I'm always here remember that. We're best friends aren't we? Lighten up as well, I'm sure things will end up working out." I say showing her a friendly caring smiles. She reflected my smile. She looks so cute when she smiles. Makes me feel really happy. "I'll go get the drinks you stay put and reflect on what you did to me earlier to me." I say causing her to laugh. Coming back almost right away I see that (y/n) is not there. Where could she be? I told her to stay put and she leaves. Wow. She's such a great instruction follower! Also note my complete sarcasm. Still I sat down only to find (y/n) opening the door to the cafe. Where did this girl go? Noticing a bag hanging from her hand. She sees me and smiles. Causing me to blush a bit. That smile just got me real good. "Where'd you go? I told you to stay put." I say showing a tint of annoyance. "You know I'm great at following instructions right? And also didn't you tell me that I should reflect on my actions from earlier?" She places the bag on the small brown rounded table and takes out a small octopus plush. "Looked and reminded me of you so here is my apology." She hands it to me. I accept this and place this beside my head and ask, "And how does this look like me?" I say giving her a laugh. She laughs back,"Hmm your eyes, smile, and hair!" Which causes her to laugh even more. "If you don't want it, give it back then." Extending her arm and ready to take it. With my great reflexes I moved my arm away from her. "Now why wouldn't I want a present given to me as an apology from my best friend?" "I dunno. You don't like it?" "And why wouldn't I? This thing which apparently looks like me looks more like you so I'll be keeping this thank you very much." She chuckles. "If you say so."

(Y/N) P.O.V After our iced coffee's were finished we left the cafe. Time literally flew by fast. It's not that late but not too early. "Since it's been a long time since we've seen each other lets go somewhere and catch up on our missed adventures?" I say to Jimin. "Sounds good! Alright then where should we go then?" "How about we go get some ice cream first I've been craving it for a while now." I said. Jimin turned to face me. "(y/n) you aren't pregnant are you? Will I be a father?! Since when!? What will our parents say!?" I nearly chocked on my own spit. "Are you insane!?" Jimin grabbed my hands and said,"We have to hurry and tell our parents!" "First off calm down for gods sake I'm not pregnant! And even if I was I doubt you would be the father you were off on your trip!" I said grabbing my hands back from Jimin. "So if I wasn't on the trip and you were pregnant I would be the father right?" Coughing uncontrollably I blushed. Did he really just say that!? Are my ears hearing this properly!? "Jimin are you in your right mind!?" Jimin burst out laughing. "It was a joke!" Sigh. This guy... I'm glad we're best friends. Although sometimes I wonder how that happened. "Lets just go get my ice cream you weird ass." I said chuckling. "Yes sir!" He saluted.



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