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~(Luci POV)~


I know we're still strangers to you, but I hope you don't feel like you're in any danger, Luci

No I actually feel very comfortable with you both.

Beautiful right? This country will feel a bit more down to earth than home.

Officially love all wolves

Jay actually not just a wolf.I'm actually a hybrid. Half werewolf and half vampire. Which is awesome, cause i don't have to live on blood only.

You're still that sick rapper and amazing sing I know of, so this makes no difference

Oh so you do listen to my music.I listen to your music though most of the flight. If I wasn't sleeping, watching tv, or being mentally fucked with by Simon.

Oh, I see...Simon you stole my girl from me.

Yo its not my fault Miss Sassy prefers me over youDon't worry, I promise to steal you back

You have any questions you want to ask, go for it. I know our time to say is limited.

Well... Um... Jay you said something about me giving off what I was rightBy your statement, I am not awaken. Does that mean I can't figure what other are are at all.

Well you can still tell, but mostly only does that you raised around.

Wait til we get to the company. Were all nit the same thing. We have a vampire a shape-shifter, fair folk, wolves, hybrids as, well as demons and angels.

Why is she staring at you Jay

So your close to Demons, huh?

Your eyes flash blue when you hear the word demon. You might actually be awoken from birth, and your powers went dominate as you grew up.

Demon's eyes are not blue.Don't stress it, Luci. I give you my word, I will help you though this, and help you awaken your dormant powers.

Jay took my hand away from my hair. He really knew how to calm me down, without even trying. What was he to me? To have such an wonderful man lured to the likes of me. It wasn't long until we were at AOMG.

Simon had parked under the building, so we could get in the building without fans noticing. Especially since I was with them. I still ended up wearing an AOMG hoody, so no one would know I was a girl.

Jay and Simon protested against me wearing the sweater, but I won. I wasn't gonna cause any trouble for anyone. We took the elevator to the seventh floor. As we walked to the open glass door, I noticed there were a couple more people. One of them looked extremely familiar. He looked up at me and smiled so brightly.

Luci! What you doing here?"ChaseWait a moment. How do you know her

She my baby cousin from my aunt Maya. Not really blood but I did grow up with her. She like family to me.

Jay you remember you met her once before tooYeah but it was so long ago, she doesn't remember me

You don't remember those big dogs that came and save you from that bully

They would push me around and take my lunch money. One day I went to my aunts house the day I stood up to my bullies, and ended up losing. I had a black eye, and was cover in bruises.

Chase saw this and seem pissed off, but at the time, I though he was mad at me. The next day, they decided to jump me, on my way home from school. Two wolves appear out of nowhere ans attack my bullies.

The dark tan one came over to me, and nuzzle up to me. It made me giggle and smile, as well as happy. The memory came back to me fresh as day. Chase winked at me as he smiled so warmly.

So you were that tan wolf that nuzzled me and protected me? Wait?! Was that why you were mad that day?I love my amazing cousin

Does this mean I'm a wolf too?

I honestly don't know what you are, just that you mother is actually a demon and your father is an angel.Wolves do love you though, since your family are either demons, hellhounds, or fallen angels.

Is it possible I'm a hellhound?You may be Alpha of our pack here... But you know Jiyho is gonna be pissed you've exposed her to this life.

Luci is the one, Jihyo, doesn't want us to introduce to this world? I didn't know it was her

It's because of who she named after.Lucifier

Explains why her eyes light up when we mention demonsOh so this is Lucifier's Daughter... I know what you are

Unlike Jay, Simon and your cousin ChaCha, I'm not bound by their lead alpha's rules. Mostly because I'm a demon myself.

What your last name' Luci?You sure you're ready for this?Scarlett is my last name.

Think about what you've done so far in life...are you more good or bad?

She's done more good than bad

Your father is Lucifier himself but you're mother is my kin's queen, Demon Queen.Oh so she the mortal princess they have been hiding from us all

Yo, your kind is the reason why the queen asked Jihyo to protect her.

Mianhae, didn't mean to scare you Luci, but he not lying. Your mother has wolves protecting you because my kind prince wants your blood.

Okay so I'm just human?

He seem a bit sad I didn't move. I smiled softly and decided to give in to him. I ignored everyone and moved straight for him. Jay smiled again and wrap his arms around my shoulders, as my arms wrap around his waist.











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