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What up. It's the 2nd card of Day 7 of the 12 Days of EXO Community Challenge!! This here card is dedicated to our favorite maknae in one of his finest performances. Baby Don't Cry. Not only is this a beautiful song, but their live rendering is incredible. Who knew putting Kai and Sehun in white buttonups and having them dance in a shallow pool would be so magical! I applaud whoever thought it up. I must say there are some beautiful shots of this breathtaking performance. So much props and credit to these fine photogs and editors. Like damn, son. I'm warning you now. Prepare yourselves. I know some of you won't survive this but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make....


There aren't any words to describe the sheer beauty of this performance.

For those of you who haven't seen this performance of Baby Don't Cry or just want to watch it again, here's a video from the Exo'lution Tour. So who is still among the living?

Let the Tagging commence! The Thunder Squad@EliseB@KhrystinaLee@ElleHolley@ashleyemmert@Lexxisco@nadinerzz@NasiaWright@narutobandgeek@Helixx@isabellaelliott@Dianabell @twistedpuppy@jessicaacosta90@sarabear1021 Other Fam @Cutebabylay@Isolate The Homies @VeronicaArtino@amobigbang@Baekyeol27@Brawner13 The Overdose Squad@Starbell808@KellyOConnor@fallchild@ShinoYuki@annevictoriaaa@koinii@YailinTejeda@tiffany1922@LizHolder@HikariAkuhei@SimplyAwkward@CrystalV@cennajp@kpoplover492@MrsJungHoseok@KarenGuerra93@Defy24601@1kpop@JeniseRamos@JessicaEvaristo@AlexAckerman@Starbell808@Sammyjuicoooo@ESwee@LeannePratt@hammin747@Kpossible4250@JohnEvans@ZionPerezFlower@selfishmachines@IsoldaPazo@Yongsomi@ChauncyVSutton@TabithaRose@Sukii@BetseyBleau@dragoncrisis@sherrysahar@awkwardjazzy@Tigerlily84@MadAndrea@PrincessUnicorn If anyone wants to be tagged or removed lemme know!

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