Okay, I must be crazy (just rambling)

Chen of EXO and Jung Yong Hwa to me their voices sound similar. When I first heard this song Best Luck for the It's Okay, that's love OST my first thought was "Hey that's Jung Yong Hwa!" It was driving me crazy and so I listened to Jung Yong Hwa's "You've fallen for me" and although their voices to me sound similar they are different. I feel like Chen is higher than Jung Yong Hwa's but that could just be my crazy talk..anyway I love them both so it doesn't matter.

I've been a fan girl all my life, and i'm the motherly type of fan girl I want to support and take care of the artists I respect and love all my artists. I love anime and Asian culture. I'm a shy person until I get comfortable and then I'm like the annoying never shut up child. I'm mature and immature at the same time. I love Kpop and J rock/pop and dramas.
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