Fullmetal Alchemist Theory

Hey Nakama! So this is my first Card so bear with me!

So I know you guys probably love Fullmetal just as much as I do! I mean who didn''t love watching Ed and Al going through their adventure as they did what they could to find the philosopher's stone. Ed being a dog of the military, Al always by his side, meeting awesome (and not so awesome) people, fighting against the homunculi, Winrey always fixing Ed's automail, and hearing everything that's been passed down in the Armstrong family for generations! FMA was filled with happiness, sadness, anger, etc.

However as much as we enjoyed FMA, what if there was a way to bring Trisha back to life without the need of a philosopher's stone? I just seen the video a few hours ago and thought you guys would enjoy hearing the theory just as I. So enjoy ! ^-^

Hello ^-^ I'm Constance, I'm 21 years old who is fascinated by Japanese culture, and ever since I fell in love with anime, it was just another thing about Japan that I loved❤
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