Jungkook Imagine- It's Complicated pt14

This is the last part btw I don't think there are any warnings!

You broke up with Jimin a year ago now. Wow time sure does move fast. You were backstage at one of the biggest award shows in Kpop as you and Jungkook were presenting the newbie prize. You practised your speech almost a hundred times but you were still scared you were going to mess up. You were sat in your changing room while your stylist did your hair. There was a sudden knock at the door. "Come in!" You yelled. "Hey Y/N!" It wasn't Kookie but the voice was familiar. You smiled still not seeing who this person was. The stylist turned around, "I'm sorry do you have access to come in here?" "It's fine!" You answered for the person. "Well I'm done miss Y/N so I'll leave you two be!" And with that the stylist walked out. You turned around to face an orange haired beauty. "Hey princess!" Jimin. You ran up to hug him. It had been 3 months since you'd seen him, your best friend. No matter whether you two were in a relationship or not, he still called you princess. "Jiminie, what are you doing here? I thought you and Jayla were on holiday!" It may have taken like forever but eventually Jimin fell in love with Jayla and they've been together ever since. "I thought I'd come see you and mr. Kookie monster present the award!" Was that it? You did many other things more important than just presenting that he could have come to. Why was this so special?

"Well it's nice to see you again!" You gave him another hug. He was such a great supporter when he was around. Considering you'd just had your hair done, you decided to take multiple selcas/selfies with Jimin while he was there. You never deleted a photo of you and Jimin, ever. However, you would gladly delete a bad one of you and the rest of 4Motion, they could be quite bitchy about the photos. Once your little photoshoot was over, you were dying to see Jungkook. He had left you after the last rehearsal and you hadn't seen him since. "Jiminie have you seen Kookie?" "About 30 minutes ago why?" "I haven't seen him for almost 2 hours now. I'd have thought he'd have come to see me by now" "There's no need to worry, he's fine" Something was up. Jimin possibly knew more than you did, maybe he had just been to see Kookie on his way to see you. Maybe it was just you being suspicious. "Yeah I suppose!" You sighed. Jimin was kind enough to lead you to the stage. As you were on your way, you muttered your words under your breath. The crew did tell you that you could just read from the transcript, however, it was too small for you to read so you had to know it by heart.

"Stop it!" Jimin stopped your train of thought, "you know the lines, I bet you could do it in your sleep" You smiled and instead, you repeated the words in your head. That way, Jimin wouldn't tell you off. You were by the stage door, in your place ready for your part. Music was blaring through the closed door, it sounded like Seventeen's Pretty U. They always did this, pay tribute to the older songs in KPOP. You recognised the voice rapping as Vernon's. Vernon was almost as close to you as Jimin was. Considering you and Vernon both had the same American origins, it was obvious that you two would click like you did. Suddenly, rushing footsteps approached you. A flustered and tired Jungkook appeared by your side. He was in a black tux which perfectly matched your red dress. Even his face matched your dress, deep red. "You ok babe?" You asked. Almost breathlessly, he replied,"yeah just in a rush you know." His hands were practically glued to his pockets. Why was he so nervous? The song finished and the boys of Seventeen ran past you. Luckily, Vernon stopped so that you two had a quick word. Even he noticed Jungkook's shiftiness. He whispered in your ear, "what's up with Quivering Tomato boy?" You shrugged your shoulders. "Fair enough, well good luck guys!" He cheered before running after the boys.

You and Jungkook made your way onto the stage and you said your lines to introduce the next act it was now Jungkook's turn to speak. He started out perfectly and then he paused. You turned to him and saw a drop of sweat form on his forehead. Had he forgotten the lines? He shook his head slightly, he was improvising. "So Y/N before we bring up the winner why don't I make an announcement?!" Think... "Yeah sure Kookie!" He shifted away from you slightly and placed the envelope he was holding on the floor. He got down on one knee and took a box out of his pocket. "Y/N darling, would you stay mine forever by marrying me?" Your eyes teared up. He proposed in front of practically the whole of Korea, no wonder why he was nervous. "Of course Kookie!" You spoke as clearly as you could through the tears. He embraced you and you whispered in his ear, "I love you so much"

"Y/N darling, would you stay mine forever by marrying me?"

That's it for this story folks but don't worry I've been working on another one that's why this part is a bit late.

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