Right to Wrong

God gave Solomon wisdom and understanding exceeding much, and largeness of heart. We must notice here first it was God who gave Solomon these gifts which meant so much to him in his career as king. His wisdom and understanding were not simply the results of his own study, thought, and experience. Of course, men get wisdom through experience. Study and reading give men knowledge of books and develop their mental power. But we must remember that whatever gifts of mind or heart we possess have been bestowed upon us by God Himself. We should always think of Him as the owner of our life, with all its powers and possibilities. This should inspire in us gratitude to God. Then it should lead us to use all our faculties and powers in the service of God. So long as Solomon did this he was blessed. It was through the influence of luxury that his heart was drawn away from God and he began to fall. No sin can be more terrible than the perversion of great gifts from right to wrong uses.

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