{DBC} Ani-May: The New Super Saiyan

Hello Nakama and Z Warriors!

Ani-May continues as it's time for a new Dragon Ball Challenge!

The Saiyans are said to be the strongest warriors in the universe. When a Saiyan with a pure heart is pushed past their limit along with intense emotions they can reach the level of Super Saiyan. Although Saiyans are the only race that can reach this level of transformation it doesn't mean that other Anime characters don't share this level of intensity and power.

The question is what character in Anime do you think can turn Super Saiyan? Which person has the heart, strength and intense emotions to gain the level of Super Saian?!


For me if anyone in the anime world where to become a Super Saiyan it's Natsu of Fairy Tail. Natsu is headstrong and more than a little out going. He thinks more with his fist and flames rather than his mind. He's always the first on the battlefield and last off. He cares more of his friends than his own safety. Natsu could be the strongest in his guild with the proper training and right motivation. His Fire Dragon Slayer magic hits and burns his opponents hard. If his friends are in danger is strength becomes more than double

Natsu is the perfect candidate to become a Super Saiyan. He is one of the strongest in his respected universe and his intense emotion will help him to push forward the transformation. Natsu has proven time and time again that when it comes to the protection of his friends and the world he's willing to give all that he has.

If one of his friends were to go down you better believe Natsu's overwhelming strength and emotion will cause him to transform and take out whatever threat stands in his way!

Who do you think can turn Super Saiyan?

let me know by making your own card!

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