Gets me EVERY TIME 😭😭

First, let me just say that this music video makes me just as emotional the 100th time I've watched it as it did the 1st time. I really hope I'm not the only one 😭

Second, I want to apologize for me not posting anything lately. Stuff is going on at home, there is school drama (because most high schoolers can't be mature enough to not cause drama every two seconds), I have a bunch of finals this month (one of them is even tomorrow \( >->)/ ugh...), next month I will be headed to Missouri to spend time with my grand parents, etc. etc.

Hopefully, J-HOPEFULLY, after that I will get back to making cards as usual! I still have a list of all of the cards that have been requested, so if you still want them made please tell me!


Again, I'm sooo so sorry (죄송합니다, 미안해, je suis désolée, lo siento, ごめんなさい , etc.) for being gone for so long!

I apologize for any mistakes or repeats! I'm trying to keep them at a minimum (;-;)

Also, sorry if my cards are boring or anything, just tell me what to improve!Let me know what you guys think!

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None of the pictures/videos are mine! (I'm also currently trying to put all the tags in alphabetical order, so I'm sorry if I tagged you twice or if I'm missing any tags >-< )

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