Revelry Inst 2 Part 14

Warning: Mature Situations

You move to get up and join Jak but Kyungil holds your hips in place. You look back at him in time to see him roll his eyes and shake his head at Ji. Glancing back over you see that he has a tighter grip on Jak and is laughing at Gil with his eyebrows raised.

“Might be for a fun show,” he comments.

“I can see the headlines now “GDragon’s girlfriend goes wild and beats up skank for no reason.”

Jak looks offended but Jiyong just shrugs, “I’ve done worse.”

“Can we just forget her?”

You turn back to him, “Well, I’d love to darling. But she doesn’t seem to know how to forget you. Now, how do we fix that?”

“Only one way I can think of,” Ji mutters into the room. He then grabs Jak’s hand and heads to the door.

“On that note, since you’re in one piece, we’re out of here.”

You and Jak wave as he pushes her out the door. You turn back to Kyungil who isn’t looking at you anymore but playing with the hem of your shirt.

“What? What is Ji talking about?”

He hm’s and ha’s a moment before trying to distract you.

“Have you eaten? We should really feed you.”

He takes out his phone and starts scrolling through places that deliver. You stare at him for a little bit; there’s something he’s not telling you. Something he doesn’t want to tell you.

You mind starts to wander into dark places. Does he NOT want to get rid of Lee? The guys said she's like an addictive poison to him; can you really compete with that?

You approve of his food choice and excuse yourself to finish getting ready for the day.

While in the bathroom you send a text off to Yijeong.

YOU: Hey, all’s good. No worries.

SCM: Good. I’ll tell the guys, they’ll be happy to hear it.

SCM: You know, if you’d joined us, it probably wouldn’t have happened.

YOU: Seriously? Is this my fault for being tired?

SCM: No sorry, that was unfair. Knowing Lee she would have probably done a lap dance if you’d been there.

YOU: Nice.

You look back towards the door where Kyungil sits in the other room. Why not?

YOU: Hey. Can I ask you a question?

SCM: Shoot.

YOU: How would you go about stopping an ex from doing that crap?

SCM: I don’t know that you can ever stop Lee but with most, I’d say get yourself an official girlfriend.

YOU: I see. Thanks.

SCM: Shit. [YN] you know he considers you his girlfriend right? That’s what we all know you as.

YOU: We are dating, more specifically having sex. That doesn’t put me in those ranks.

SCM: [YN] – crap I feel like I just majorly goofed up – don’t tell hyung please. Pretend like .. I don’t know; just don’t hold it against him. Remember his ex is Lee, I think he’s nervous about going there again.

YOU: You’re good, it’s fine. No worries. Thanks for the heads up.

You’re still in the bathroom when the buzzer rings with the food delivery. After the front door closes you hear a tap on the bathroom door,

“[YN]-ah? Foods here.”

You’ve spent all your time in the bathroom thinking about what Jiyong and Yijeong said. He’s never called you his girlfriend; he’s only ever said the two of you are dating. You know it’s a big deal to have a celebrity admit they are dating anyone publicly. You wish you hadn’t asked; better yet that the whole thing hadn’t happened. You could go back to being blissfully attached to the man who’s trying but still won’t tell you how he feels.

When you come out, you’ve simply put your hair in a ponytail and washed your face. He looks up from distributing the food and does a double take.


He shakes his head, “Nothing. I just thought with the amount of time you spent in there….”

He suddenly stops, realizing he’s in dangerous water.

“Nothing,” he says as he shoves a piece of food in his mouth. He pats the seat next to him without looking up, “Come sit down, let’s eat.”

“Finish your sentence first.”

He puts his chopsticks down and falls backward with his hands over his eyes. When he puts his arms down he looks over at you,

“I didn’t mean anything bad. I was just surprised. Usually if a girl is in the bathroom that long, she comes out all dolled up.”

“Is there a reason I need to be dolled up? Are we going somewhere?”

He sits forward again; resting his forearms on his legs and hangs his head. After a minute he stands up and walks over to you.

He pulls your ponytail out and runs his hands through your hair.

“You look incredible when you’re all dolled up, but honestly, I prefer you this way.”

He pulls your hips to his, his lips not taking no for an answer.

As his hands start to roam you pull back,

“Good answer. Now let’s eat, I’m starving.”

He pulls you back in, lifting you at the same time. You wrap your legs around his waist as he bites your ear, whispering;

“So am I. Just not for food anymore.”


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