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This does have some abuse and may cause triggers...

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After getting your dream job at SM Entertainment, you find yourself getting close to the EXO memebers. Though you guys are close it doesnt compare to you and Ivy’s friendship. D.O is the shyest out of all nine members. He rarely spoke to you but yet you feel as if you have had full on conversations. As if you hear a little voice. D.O seems to get more comfortable with you he first two weeks of your arrival. You grow closer and closer. Will this friendship last? Or will you get all lovey dovey ?


Chapter 8

Baekhyun's Prov.

We had had such a good time at dinner time and it was amazing.

Renesmay and I talked most of the time making our own private jokes.

For example:

During our meal Renesmay had was trying to sneak a beef off my plate and She didnt blow on it before putting the meat in her mouth and all of a sudden out of no where she yells and i quote "HAJIMALALIMADOODLEKASHIMA"

Everyone broke out into laughter buuuut what makes it our private joke is because after we both got up to get her water and as she drank the water i said

"You thirsty huh" and with that i raised my eyebrows twice looking into her eyes.

Off topic but they were like looking into heaven. Her eyes glowed with a nice light hazel tint and in the center a bit of green which i hadnt noticed till now. And I wish i didnt because it made me want to look at them forever.....

Wait what am i saying XD .

Anyways she spit out the water getting me drenched and we both laughed so loud.

So now that whole night if we were drinking anything we would say that and try not to spit the beverage out. It would have been funnier if you were there though.

After the long chats and lots of laughs we sat down once again on the coach. I wrapped my hand around Renesmay's waist like I had done earlier... why? I dont know to be honest it just felt natural. Plus im a touchy feely sort of guy.

I looked over to see Kyungsoo. He glared at me and honestly i couldnt care less. I was just having fun with a friend who was having a bad day. Like i said earlier im a touchy feely guy! Chanyeol had sat on the other side of Renesmay just like earlier and so he could fit on the coach he put his arm over Renesmay's shoulders. It could have been that or he was comforting her. Either one was fine because it was getting her to forget about her douche ex~ enfaces on EX.

I guess Chanyeol had noticed Kyungsoo glaring so he excused himself to go sit with Kyungsoo. As he walked over I made eye contact with Kyungsoo

He had fire in his eyes and he looked angrier than ever. I looked away not wanting to hear/see him mentally yell at me. During the movie Kai came around but i didnt pay attention to him much.

Later i got way to into the movie to notice Kai flirting with Renesmay... or is this his way of comforting her???? I dont know but it bothered me...

<<What the hell Baekhyun???? There is nothing to be bothered by...ya it was all of a sudden but what the hell??>> .

I ended up leaning forward during the movie and just focusing on the movie ignoring the 'couple' and how they were 'flirting'

<<Jeez why the hell do i keep using quotations!!!!!>>

I looked back and I saw Kai's head on her lap... she pet his head as she watched the movie. I dont know what Kai is up to but Why does he keep looking at her?

<<There is probably something on her face>>

Suddenly she caresses his cheek but when she looks down she starts blushing realizing what she did. OH HOW CUTE SHE LOOKS!!!!!!!

He nuzzled his head in her hand and then turned around wrapping himself with her arm.

When he turned i saw the smirk on his face. That is really weird........

Then the most embarrassing thing happened....

She caught me staring...

<<BAEKHYUN U PABO!!!!!!!!!>>

I quickly turned back hoping to Glob that she didnt notice. She smiled at me though... so she must have caught me. I mean i couldnt help it... the way the light from the tv made her eyes glisten and how her lips were shiny from the oil on the food we were snacking on, and the way she bit her lip when she focused.



Narrator Prov.

The movie had ended and everyone was either a crying mess or asleep. Kyungsoo was puzzled at how Renesmay had been staring at him...

what did it mean?

Did she like him back?

Renesmay had started to grow closer to the guys and was really tired after the movie. She but she was trying not to fall asleep and join conversation.

"That was a great movie wasnt it!" Chen said

"Yup... i mean, not like i fell asleep or anything..." Lay said in a trying-to-look-truthful voice.

"I honestly cant believe my eyes started sweating!!!" Xuimin said wiping the extra tears that had fallen on his cheeks.

"Guys, is it just me or do some of u want to have a snack. I know we had popcorn and stuff but someone" Sehun then looks a t Chanyeol who turned to act as if looking for the culprit, " ate most of the popcorn."

Everyone shook their head agreeing with the thought. Even Chanyeol agreed. His appetite was quite large for his small figure.

Renesmay got up off the couch carefully putting Kai's sleeping head on a pillow. She grabbed her purse and hat and headed towards Kyungsoo's room. Moments later she came out dressed in her outfit from earlier.

"Where are you going?" Suho called out.

"Dont u guys want food?" Renesmay said with a groggy voice as she scratched her head.

"Yah! You arent going without us!" Baekhyun said.

Renesmay smiled as the boys started gathering their stuff to get going.

Baekhyun was the first to get ready and rushed to Renesmay's side slipping his hand on her waist just like he had done before. Kyungsoo just watched as he did so. Where did all the confidence from earlier go???

He sighed as he unlocked the door opening it for everyone. Kai watched as Baekhyun took Renesmay hands on her waist, guiding her outside, Even bringing her closer to him as the cold night air hit them.

Kai watched as his heart pounded in his chest. Why was this happening????? He didnt know himself.

Renesmay's Prov.

I was with Baekhyun and we held each other's waists as we walked down the empty streets. Thank goodness no one was out. Though there were some people outside walking, so the boys had to wear their masks. I felt like a highlighter walking with a bunch of black sharpies.

I outfit wasnt bright but it was a lot lighter than the rest of the boys. I shivered as a cold gust of wind passed by. Kyungsoo noticed and as Baekhyun removed his hand from my waist to talk to Chanyeol, he quickly moved to my side and removed his big black jacket putting it over my shoulders. I looked up at him and smiled.

"You dont have to do that, i can just take off my sweater so it doesnt show light up."

"But then you are gonna be cold. And if you get sick im gonna blame myself for that"

"good point"

I pulled the jacket over my shoulders. Kyungsoo's warmth that was left in the sweater made me feel warmer. I hugged it taking in everything from the smell to the feeling of the fabric on my skin. I opened my eyes and just looked up into the sky. We kept walking until we finally got to the city. Here we needed to be extra careful.

We started going down a less busy street passing a bar.

As we went further down the road, I stopped in my tracks.


"You guys can keep going!!! We will catch up!!!!" I heard Kyungsoo call out.

My heart dropped. If i thought my heart was broken it was shattered now.

Patrick was on the sidewalk making out with some different lady from earlier... oh wait no its the same one...

Kyungsoo looked down at me. I refused to look at him. My eyes were locked on them and i couldnt look away.

Kyungsoo looked away from me and in the direction i was looking at.

I felt his grip on me tighten.

"dont look...please look away" he said whispering in a caring voice.

My nail dug into my thumb.

"Renesmay dont do that to yourself..."

I stopped but i was frozen and bit my lip.

"Please, Renesmay dont look."

I was trying to hold in my tears but i let out a small sob. And with that Patrick's head snapped in the direction. Kyungsoo didnt notice. I bit my lip harder, making me start to taste a warm metallic liquid drip in my mouth and on my lip.

"Stay right here... im gonna get a tissue."

He rushed into the convenience store and with that the doors closed.

Tears started to drip. Patrick looked at me again after taking his eyes of his new girl. He smirked and attempted to start walking towards me. He stumbled and couldnt even walk straight.

"Hey yoooouuu~" he said stumbling as he stood in front of me.

"my EEEEEXX~..... i have somethings i need to saaaay"

I could smell the strong liquor on his breath.

"Well- I have nothing to say to you..." I managed to say.

"Well i do so listen up Rennneessssmay!" He said.

I wanted to run away.

I also wanted to seem strong so i wiped my tears and was about to walk away.but i wanted to hear what he had to say... maybe it would be funny....

"It was a mistake babe... it just happened.... please take me back!!!!!!!! Ill drop her in a heart beat for you!!! She cant compare to you!!!"

I scoffed at that.

"Really? Then why cheat on me? If im so much better why go to her to start with? Was i not enough? And to be honest im okay! In reality YOU werent good enough for me. Now go back to your girlfriend and leave me be!"

There i had said it... there was way more i would of said but im not going to stoop so low.

Patrick's eyes darkened with anger.


I stood there shocked at all that had just happened.

" you bastard... you motherfckin bastar-"

Before i could finish i felt a sting on my cheek.

I put my hand there and watched as Patrick

put a smirk on his face.


"What the fck did u just do to her?"

Patrick looked up but suddenly the smirk was washed off his face as Kyungsoo pounced on him and punched the crap out of him.

I couldnt do anything. In my head i was screaming and in reality i was sobbing.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and i looked over to see Baekhyun.

He processed everything in his head and grabbed me into a hug he held me tight as the other members tried to separate Kyungsoo from Patrick.

I went to the gender neutral restroom in the store and cleaned up. Seconds later Kyungsoo walked in with a bit of blood on his lip. He looked at me and a face of worry rushed on his face. He quickly walked up to me and helped me tight in his arms.

I nuzzled my head in his chest as i started to let some tears leave my eyes. He combed through my hair comforting me.

"Thank you...again... for being my knight in shining armor." this made both of us giggle as we separated from our hug.

He caressed my cheek and wiped the left over tears off my face with his thumb.

"i'll always be here to save the day... trust me..."

I smiled. i saw that more blood was coming out of his lip. I quickly went into a stall and grabbed paper. I wet the tip of the paper towel and told him to sit on top of the counter so we could be face to face. (the counter was quite short)

It made me think really off topic

Kyungsoo was not extremely short, his height was normal its just that everyone else was crazy tall XD

I kept dabbing his lip and felt his stare on me. I slowly was hypnotized by his lips. My head kept getting closer and closer. I caught my self and tried to act as if i was getting a closer look.

<<smooth right?>>

Its just they looked so kissable and so luscious and..... nevermind *blushes inside*

Once i was done i smiled.

He got up and took a step forward towards me and adjusted the jacket so it was firmly on my shoulders. He looked in my eyes and paused. We kept staring in each other's eyes.

"Renesmay..." he said in a whisper.

"When did u get so pretty?"

I blushed at his words.

Then the door swung open causing our heads to shoot toward the door.

"Was i interrupting something?"


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