10 Hilarious Times America Threw 'Election Shade'

So we're about six months away from choosing a new president.

And I think it's safe to say a lot of us are feeling a little stuck. The bad news is a majority of the country feels like they're being forced to choose the 'lesser evil'. The good news is, well, there's plenty of jokes to be made this election around.

The Galactic Empire reminds us we're far from bipartisan.

And hey, if Trump and Clinton can run for presidency, why not Loki the Trickster God?


I kind of feel bad that Trump's last name rhymes with Dump.

Futurama's Bender demands some DEATH BY SNUSNU for all.

The best part is that 16sucks.com is legitimately a website.

Again, Donald. Your name is just way too fun to play with.

I feel like this is what your 18-year-old cousin says when you ask them who they're going to vote for.

Quick! Where's Optimus Prime when you need him?

Arya stark on who to vote for? (Sorry, I had to.)

So which one was your favorite? Have you seen any funny anti-Clinton or anti-Trump signs around your town?

Let me know in the comments below!

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