Girl Problems: Do You Have Big Feet Too?

So my feet have always been on the larger size.

Growing up, shopping for shoes at the mall with my mom was always an event, and if you've got big feet yourself, you probably know why. The shoe industry was simply not ready for our feet to enter the world.

Still, as much as shoe size isn't OUR fault, it definitely sucks having big feet sometimes. In fact, I've been thinking about it, and we've got ALL sorts of shoe size problems.

Bigfoots of Vingle, do these things ever happen to you too?

The "You know what they say about guys with big feet..." joke follows you everywhere.

Even if you're a girl. When I want to vent to anyone about my shoe size, the go-to consolation of choice is reminding me of my big hypothetical weiner. What?!

You try to make too small shoes happen - and it's obvious.

Whether your toes are spilling over, your feet are arching awkwardly, or your heel is covered in blisters, you literally suffer for fashion.

When you're searching for special occasion shoes, all you can find are stripper heels.

I don't know why the only heels available over a size 10 are either lucite or have a lowkey fetishwear vibe going on. Whoa now, some of us need wedding shoes too.

Shoes that come in your size can house a family of four.

That wedge heel you saw on display at Nordstrom was so cute when it was in a size six, but when you see the size 12, it's a few pilgrims short of a cork-and-suede Mayflower.

You can borrow your dad's shoes, but not your sister's.

By the time I was a junior in high school, my dad and I had the same shoe size. I never liked this fact, but I DID like swiping his boat shoes on a lazy, errand-running day.

Bigfoot is someone you unexpectedly relate to.

You don't just wake up one day and decide to get big feet. Big feet just sort of happen to you. So why do we have to call him Bigfoot? Sasquatch is better, isn't it? Just saying.


So, fellow big-footed ladies of Vingle, rise up and embrace your shoe size. You are, of course, much more than your feet!

And if you're looking for awesome shoes for your size, here are some sites I love:

Long Tall Sally (Up to size 13!)

ModCloth (Up to size 12!)

ASOS (Up to size 11!)

Nordstrom Rack (Up to size 14!)

And, of course, for more funny-but-true things we can all relate to, feel free to follow my I Know That Feel collection!

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