Introducing INFINITE! {Underrated Kpop Groups}

What's up guys! Its John here and I decided that today I will be showing you some underrated groups. First up is INFINITE. Some of you guys may know of them but do you know the basics (names, albums, etc.). Let's learn together!!


WHO IS INFINITE? A Kpop boy band that debuted in 2010 under Woolim Entertainment. They're 7 members: L, Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol and Sungjong. They debuted with their first EP "First Invasion". Now let's get acquainted with each of the members



The leader and main vocalist Birthday: April 28 •He has never wanted to be anything else but a singer. •When he first told his parents of his dream of becoming a singer they didn‘t support him because they wanted him to have a normal life.  He then began practicing in secret. •One of his favorite songs of INFINITE‘s is “Hysterie" •He is called a hamster because of the shape of his eyes. •He is called Grandpa because he is tired all the time. •He loves to sleep to the point where he can do it all the time.



Main rapper and Lead Dancer Birthday: November 22 He is easily brought to tears. •He learned how to dance from one of his sisters who use to be a dancer. •He is called the mother of INFINITE. •He is known as the “Gummed Angel” because of his smile. •If he wanted to seduce a girl, he wouldn‘t do anything because his charisma will speak for him. •He is known for his unique and adorable laughter. •When auditioning for WOOLIM he mostly danced R&B choreography. •He and Hoya are known their dance routine for T–Pain‘s “Freeze“. •He loves stuffed animals.



Main vocalist Birthday: February 8 •Likes to cook. •He has a bad habit of lying. •If he hadn‘t become a singer, he would have become an athlete or chef. •He is known for having the most profound abs in INFINITE. •Before he goes to sleep he texts his parents. •His favorite colors are red, pink, and black. •One of his favorite songs of INFINITE is “Hysterie“. •He has the best imitation skills out of all the members. He has also released a solo album so check that out.



Main Vocalost and Visual Birthday: March 13 •He at first had more interest in becoming a entertainer rather than a singer. •He was an Ullzzang in Sungdonggu. •His stage name is from the character “L” in the manga/anime “Deathnote“. He sounds and use to look like him in his trainee days because of his long hair. •He began to want to be a singer after watching one of Craig David‘s performances. •He sleep talks and thrashes around in his sleep and is said to wake even DongWoo up. •He likes the manga/anime series “Naruto“.



Lead Rapper, Main Dancer Birthday: March 28 Since Hoya is in charge of rapping, the company told him that he should get dreadlocks and wear a headband when they first debuted. •He dropped out of high school his freshman year to learn how to sing and dance. •His mom supported him and helped him pursue his dream of becoming a singer, but unfortunately his dad was against it.  In fact he‘s still not happy with Hoya‘s decision. •He likes KBS‘s “Six Hour” because it reminds him of his grandparents. •He is a 3rd degree black belt, and was learning taekwondo up until middle school.



Sub-Vocalist Birthday: August 27 •He is easily moved to tears, but when asked to cry on the spot like in MV‘s he can‘t. •Sungyeol has family members in the entertainment industry, but he doesn‘t want to rely on their help and see how far he can go by himself. •He is very emotional. •One of his most prized possessions is a letter from a fan that he keeps in his desk. •He use to be in the acting part of SM Academy. •He acted in the drama “While You Were Sleeping“. •He‘s afraid of ghosts. •He is currently learning English. •He was the last member to join INFINITE.



Sub-Vocalist and Maknae Birthday: September 9 He is very photogenic. •He loves to perform girl group dances. In fact he was dancing them so much WOOLIM‘s CEO put a ban on them. •He thinks he is prettier than some girl group members. •He has a brother who is 3 years younger than him. •When INFINITE first debuted there was a controversy about his gender. He said it didn‘t bother him at all. •He has stated “I don’t dislike my feminine image, but I don’t really like it either. •The first thing he wants to do when he gets a girlfriend is eat kimbap that she made. •His favorite color is yellow. •His role model is Michael Jackson and his favorite songs of his are “Beat It” and “Ben“. •Although he is the member that gets picked on the most, he loves his hyungs as they look out for him and take care of him.


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