Forbidden Part 25

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You wake up to someone stroking your hair and rubbing your back. You burrow deeper into the warmth, not wanting the delicious feeling to leave. Limbs are tangled together and as you burrow deeper, you hear a grunt. You reach out to poke only to receive another grunt and have your hand grabbed.

“As much as I would like nothing better than to start that fight with you, I don’t think you’re ready for where it would end.”

You hide your head in his arm pit and feel the rumble of his laugh. He pulls your head out and kisses you on the nose. “Don’t be thinking I won’t save it for a later time, just a ‘to be continued’.” He suddenly gets serious and turns on his side to face you. “That is, if I can convince you to not leave South Korea yet?”

He still thinks you fly out tomorrow for the states. You lean up on an elbow to get a better look at his face; you push a stray hair off his forehead. “And what would your reaction be if I said I wasn’t leaving?”

He sits up, pulling you with him. “Do you mean it? Don’t you have to arrange it with the Embassy? Do we need to go talk to them?” He is off the bed and almost into his shoes before you can stop him.

“I’ve already talked to the Embassy. They’ve extended my Visa until my work Visa can be approved.” You aren’t sure where to look. Eun said he has feelings for you, it’s obvious he wants you physically, but do all of those add up to wanting you permanently around?

You smooth your hair down and quickly add, “I’m not sure what I’ll do for a job yet but Lee and her roommate have said I can live here with them.”

The bed depresses as he sits back down, across from you. He turns your face towards him, “You’re really staying?”

You nod, looking hopefully into his eyes.

“Unless, you’d rather I go home? I don’t have to stay…”

He shuts you up by pressing his lips to yours in a gentle caress. Just as he’s about to take it deeper, he pulls back and kisses you on the forehead.

“I promised myself I would wait for you.”

He smiles down into your eyes, “Ani, I would rather have you next to me. Are you set on staying here with Lee? I couldn’t convince you to come back to Seoul with me?”

“I don’t have anywhere to stay in Seoul. I can’t afford to keep staying in a hotel; here I at least have somewhere.”

“You could stay with m..”

You reach over and put a finger to his lips, “I can’t stay with you. We both know that.”

He kisses your finger before removing it, “You are correct. Perhaps it was just wishful thinking.”

“Perhaps it is better if I just stay here until things get worked out with Eun.”

He looks about to protest but closes his eyes and nods.

“I can see the logic in that. I can’t say it will make me happy but I’d rather you be only a few hours away than an entire ocean.”

He kisses you on the forehead and gets up from the bed.

“I texted Lee last night after you fell asleep and told her you were staying here. If you’d like to go freshen up, I will meet you and Lee in a little bit and take the two of you to breakfast?”

“Sounds great.”

You untangle yourself from the blanket and he pulls you up, walking you to the door. He brushes your hair back, cupping your face while his thumbs stroke your chin. He’s staring at your lips when he mutters,

“Yes, perhaps it is best if you are several hours away.”

His gaze moves up to your eyes, you can see the heat and something inside you responds. As you move to lean in, he takes a ragged breath, leans over and opens the door.

“Out! I need a cold shower.”

On your way down in the elevator your thoughts run rampant. It's such a different circumstance than you thought you would end up in. You did still cry, and throw up; wow, that was classy and attractive. You’re still trying to wrap your mind around the fact that not only does he want you to stay in Korea, but that he is physically attracted to you. You mind flits over to Eun. What in the world is that situation? How in the world could you have a man like [HN] around for five years and not love him? Check that, she says she does love him. Is it possible to love someone and not want to express that love physically? Yeah, if they’re your family… they couldn’t be family could they? Why would they do that? Is it some celebrity thing? That doesn’t seem quite fair though, who would sacrifice their life for years knowing nothing would come out of it? None of it makes any sense, you really hope that whatever Eun needs to finish that it doesn’t take another year or two. You’re pretty sure you won’t be able to hold out that long.

Lee turns when you enter the room. “You don’t look devastated or glowing for that matter so what happened?”

“Let me grab a quick shower and then I’ll tell you okay?”

You turn at the bathroom door, “Oh, he wants to take us to breakfast, is that good?” You hear her ‘sure’ as you close the door and turn on the water.

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