Drawing Things: Kuroko no Basuke Edition 2/7

Hello everyone! Kagami Taiga here for you guys. So I think after this I don't ever want to draw jerseys ever again lol they are very hard to draw! Anyway, I wanted to drop Kagami since I posted Kuroko yesterday and they are on the same team and blah blah blah... I'll announce something cool: I like to keep by posts an even number so guess what? For my 8th drawing I'll pick ONE random character selected by you guys! Start thinking about who you'd like to see me draw for the 8th character and like each others comments to see who gets more votes. I would like it to be a minor character from Kuroko no Basuke, if possible, since Kiseki no Sedai is so common :) Kuroko no Basuke: Kagami Taiga Kuroko no Basket / Kuroko's Basketball; sports anime

«[Hiatus]» «[Art: Hiatus]» I breathe Kuroko No Basuke and Jellal Fernandes. Lmao Hiatus is real AF please check out my post about my Instagram.
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