Would You Ever Eat 산낙지?

산낙지 or, san-nak-ji, is probably the scariest thing you'll ever some across in Korea.

It's LIVE octopus.

small kind of octopuswhile still alive

Because its so fresh, its still squirming around the plate!

If you're REALLY adventurous, you can even eat them without cutting them up.

For me, I'm a pescatarian, so while I DO eat fish, the thought of eating a still-living thing really really saddens me. Especially because octopi are so smart! It's totally up to you though, and is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Would you ever eat San-nak-ji?

Tzuyu from TWICE had an AWESOME reaction when she had to eat it on a reality TV show...

In the end though, she thought it was delicious lol!

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