Say Hello to Topp Dogg!!

Hello guys!!

Stefany here and in light of our under appreciated artists week I'd like to take a moment to introduce everyone to Topp Dogg!! A little about them: Topp Dpgg is a 10 member hip hop boy group performing under Starship Entertainment. Their music is fun, fresh, upbeat making them perfect songs to jam out to. Members consist of (stage name): -B-Joo (vocalist dancer) -Hojoon (vocalist, rapper street dancer) -P- Goon (leader, vocalist, rapper dancer) -Yano (rapper maknae) -Nakta (vocalist) -A-Tom (rapper) -Xero (main dancer, rapper) -Jenissi (rapper vocalist) -Sangdo (main vocalist) - Hansol (lead dancer)

Here are a few of their videos that we simply love!

In addition please check them out on these awesome youtuber's channels. They are a really good group with so much potential. As people themselves they're very down to earth and never fail to make each other laugh.

We hope you check them out and become a fan along side us!!!

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