Okay, Why Do They Eat Dog Meat In Korea?

I feel like most people only know two main things about Korea:

1. North Korea is really screwed up

2. They eat dog meat

So let's set the record straight on the second thing...

**Please keep in mind that I do not actually eat meat other than fish, so understand that it is hard for me to justify eating ANY kind of meat, but as I believe everyone has a choice as to what they put in their body I try to be as open minded as possible**

1. Dog meat is a good form of protein.

Korea is a small peninsula where large animals such as cows and pigs aren't as common. (Raising pigs also takes a TON of water and resource)

People needed a reliable source of protein that was easy to raise, and while the coastal cities had access to fish, the rest of the country found that raising a specific breed of dog would provide what they needed to survive.

2. Dog meat isn't that common anymore.

Ironically, now it is more of a delicacy and people rarely eat it. What was once the commoners food is now an expensive rare food!

3. There are many Korean organizations working to shut down the few dog meat factories left.

Check out these Koreans reacting to eating dog meat:

(watch to the very end! its not actually dog meat!)

Would you ever try it?

Have you ever had people ask you why Koreans eat this meat?

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