Jay park A Playful Kiss (OneShot short.)


Rated M


Enter with caution, don't forget the holy water

The music blast in the club as body drop to the floor. The light flashing bright. people shouting and cheering as they celebrate pouring drinks and bouncing to the music. Meanwhile the sound of luscious moan was made in a room in back. The sound of things falling as your back was slammed against crackets. you raked your fingers through his hair as he looked deep into your eyes with such passion that burned deep in his devilish eyes. rapidly breathing you groans and moan as you felt his member thrust in and out. you push Jay off of you as you push him against a wall as you kiss him roughly your teeth clashing. Jay pulls you closer grabbing your ass. you hitched as you both roll your hips rolled in unison. "(Y/N) when did you get become so attractive" Jay brushed his lips against your neck and down your chest as he hops on top of the desk and straddles you on top of his lap, you slowly rolled your hips pushing his rock hard member forward, he groans. slowly lifting your hips as you let yourself sink back down on to his member, you let out a sharp huff. Jay rolls you over onto your stomach as he position you up right with your face down and your ass up your legs slight spread shoulder a part. he slowly and teasingly thrust his hips as you moan out so desperately. He deeply thrust within you as you cry out his name. the Walls throb as the music cover your loud exotic moans. the musk and hot steaming sweat that fogged up the windows and glass mirror. your hot breath and his that mixed up in between the musk and steamy sweat that drenched your Oily bodies. His tight grip on your hips as he pound in deeply and roughly. Jay grabs your hair and orders you to call out his name and obedient that you are you do as your told. you lustfully holler his name after every hot grunt. Jay pulls you towards him as he lies down on flat cold ground with his legs just a little bit apart. You straddle on Jay but with your back turn on him. you lean forward slowly and rest part of your weight on your arms resting them on his legs as you slowly slide his member inside of you. you start rocking forwards and backwards and moving up and down on jay moist members, as he thrust into you. you slap your ass down smacking in against his pelvic. The movement of your hips were so skillful as you continue causing Jay to let out such a spine tingling moan. you continued to sink onto his lap for slower but deeper and harder penetration. Jay grab your ass and forcefully he pulls you up and down on his cock, roughly making you bounce on his members. you screamed out for more. Rolling you over onto your back as he gets in between your legs as you bent them spreading them wide as you rest them on each side. with one hand he hold onto your hips and he rapidly and swiftly thrust his hips. your body rocking as your breast jiggle. "Fuck uh right there" you purred as you bite down onto your bottom lip. Jay smirks as he deepens his thrust. as he lean in close to you,kissing you sticking his tongue inside of your mouth as he continued pounding you with one leg lifted rested on his shoulder. "More uh more" your growled as your back arched as your toss your head back. you yelped as Jay hit your gspot "YES FUCK me harder" you pleaded and moaned. "You like it baby" Jay pulled on your hair as he pound you from behind. you nod as your clawed onto the desk as your chest rubbed up against as Jay hands were round you hips as you stood bent over the desk your legs spread apart as he slammed into you. your wetness was dripping as you continue to cum continuously after ever deep thrust Jay did. throwing back his head as he slowly thrust in losing his pattern and tighting his grip on your hips leaving red finger prints. "A fuck I'm Cummings shit!" He grunts "Oh fuck me mother of fucking God uh yes!" you growled as grind your ass up against him "I'm about to cum!" Jay push you away as he let's it all out on floor. you crawl over to him as you lick his dripping cum causing him to quiver and shake. he grabs a fist full of your hair and thrust his member deep into your mouth hitting your gag reflex. you push away but he pulls you back and bobs your head sticking it in and out. you lick around the tip of his head every time he pulls out. you love the way he shivers. Jay sit down on a chair as he get on his knee, he spread your legs open as flicks your click with his finger teasingly. you try to close your legs but he hold them open by force as he starts to clean you up licking you all up eating you and drilling his tongue into your whole. slurping up your wetness as he fuck you with his tongue you bit your lips as your grab and rub your own breast. moans and rolling your pelvic. you clit throb as he gently and slowly but with press licks over it. he stick 3 fingers in as he continues licking you jolt as you huff. "No please no more" you pleaded but he only continued to finger you more. "UH Jay aw fuck I'm gonna cum again!" you purred. Jay shove his member back in as he pick you up your back against the chair as he sit down and sit you on top as you ride him rocking the hair back and forth. he grabs onto the wooden back of chair to help him support his and your weight as you bounce up and down back and forth. you squirt all over his member as you stop and rest your head on his shoulders. Jay caresse your hair as you listen to his shallow breathing and his heart beat beating. After a couple of hours of rest you both get dress and walk out to the party where everyone was still getting wasted and drunk. Jay kiss your cheek and went his separate away as he couldn't be seen with you or people with start shit. your relationship was a secret that started off after a playful Kiss on a variety show even seen you guys continued to have those playful Kiss in secret yet with a thrilled.

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