Japan really did it this time.

I mean, we all know japanese people are totally into the furry and anthro stuff, but they really outdid themselves this time. PRESENTING: the Taily and the nekomimi. The taily is a so called anthropomorphic robotic toy tail, that reacts to your heartrate, making it waggle as soon as your heartrate goes up, meaning, if you're excited, so is the robotic extension of your tailbone, causing it for you to look like a dog. The nekomimi is another robotic device, looking like a hairband with ears attached to them, helping you to fully get into the animal mode. It has a small meter attached to its ears, that analyses your brainwaves, letting the ears move according to what and how much you are thinking... seriously? Creepy. That said, I would totally try those out. Alone. In my room. Where no one can watch.:D What about you guys?

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