Kinobody Warrior Shredding Program Day 1

Kinobody Results: 5.16.16 168.2 lbs / 21.2% / 14.4% Right side: Unflexed Measurements 35.25 waist 49.5 shoulders 38.5 chest 14.5 bicep 21 thigh 14 calf 14.75 neck I am starting a new journey on the Warrior Shredding Program by Kinobody. My goal is to get around 10% body fat while maintaining muscle. There is not time limit and this is just a personal goal of mine. I'll be doing daily video updates on my progress and all the food that I eat will be posted on my Instagram. Follow my journey and either watch me get in shape, or get in shape with me! SUBSCRIBE: WEBSITE: Follow my journey below: ➡ YouTube: ➡ Facebook: ➡ Twitter: ➡ Instagram: ➡ Bodyspace: Snapchat: AcegenLLC

Day 1 food

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