Statement Wedding Rings

Statement wedding rings don't necessarily have to be the engagement ring. Not every bride is in love with 20-carat diamonds. Many women that I have talked to on Vingle have predominantly preferred small dainty rings.

But that also doesn't mean that you can't have statement rings, which is why I am sharing this card with you. For jewelry to be fabulous, it isn't about whether or not your diamond is real or synthetic. It's about scale, proportion, color, symmetry, metal and juxtaposition.

These Olive + Piper rings are a perfect example of amping up the statement factor for weddings (and special events) without breaking the bank or taking out insurance premiums on the stones.

For example, if you look at the grand "Erin" ring at the base of the model's middle finger, it's made of cubic zirconia and sterling silver, making it $94. Easily, this and the other rings are within reach, budget wise, and offer enough wow-factor to make a glamorous statement.

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