Just go : Chapter two


Duh Duh Duh.. ^_^ the roller coaster is slowly making its way to the top. If you missed the first part:


“ Hey Y/n don't do that again okay?” Bobby sighed once they were finally far enough away. “ Kim Jiwon did you follow us?!” I scolded him as his eyes turned serious while he looked me in the eye. I sucked in a breath since I had never seen this side of Bobby before. “ Y/n I know you are tougher than most girls, but that tough attitude will get you hurt one day.” He scoffed before his arms wrapped around me resting his head on my shoulder. “ Bobby what are you doing?” I froze he had never acted this way before after all the years we had been together. “ I was worried about you idiot.” He smiled standing up like nothing had ever happened only leaving me baffled as he walked towards class. Why was Bobby acting so weird lately I just couldn't understand anymore. “ Hey Y/n why are you spacing out hurry up so we can eat!” Bobby yelled pulling you away from the thoughts as food consumed your thoughts as you quickly rushed after him. Neither of us were aware at the time that Hanbin had seen the whole confusing show. Six months later we three were on our way home like normal we walked Hanbin home who lived on the other side of town before heading back to our houses. “ Hey guys I've been thinking about the future lately.” Hanbin slowly started as he came to a stop looking towards the sky forcing us to come to a halt. “ What are you getting at Binnie?” I froze with fear afraid I was going to lose one of my very best friends. “ Oh I was just going to say that I want to be a rapper I didn't mean to scare you Y/n.” He chuckled rubbing the back of his neck as Bobby quickly bounced with Joy. “ Wait you too?” He all but yelled as both boys faces lit up at each others dream. “ Let's make a promise that we will be in the same group when we are older!” Hanbin beamed ecstatically as they quickly promised while I stood there with a smile. “ Okay dorks then what will I be?” I joked slightly pushing them as we started walking again. “ My wife what else.” Bobby took us all by surprise as we came to a stand still once again. “ I must not of heard you right Bobby it almost sounded like you said wife.” I laughed at his obvious joke turning around to hide my beat red face. “ No you heard right Y/n.” He said in that serious tone I could never get used to. “ What are you talking about idiot, Sorry Binnie I just remembered I had something to do after school I will see you guys later.” I said running back the way we had came unsure what was going on Bobby had been acting weird for a while now. “ You haven't told her have you?” Hanbin stated more than asked while he studied his friend who seemed frozen watching Y/n run away. “ No and I don't plan on it, please keep it a secret Bin. We only have a few more months I don't want her to be sad.” He sighed finally looking towards Hanbin who scoffed. “ What about me then?” Bringing a smile to Bobby's face as he pulled the other boy in for a hug. “ Well it isn't like we won't see each other again remember we will be in the same group, and take Korea by storm one day.” He said proudly as if he could tell the future. “ You are something else Bobby, but what about you liking Y/n maybe you shouldn't say anything.” He said seriously as Bobby sighed deeply. “I can't leave without telling her at least once Bin.” He said avoiding the other boys eyes. “ But what about how it will effect her if you tell her then leave?” He said forcing him to look towards him all joking aside. “ I have thought about all of that Hanbin, but she will have you to help once I'm gone.” He half smiled before looking towards the setting sun. “ We better get home soon or we will be in trouble see you later Hanbin.” Then he turned and slowly walked back towards his house. “ I'm sorry Hanbin I know how you feel, but I can't leave without at least saying it once.” Bobby sighed looking towards the ground as he made his way home.

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